First previewed as a snippet posted on SZA’s Instagram story top top October 7, 2020, “Shirt” gained traction on tik in at an early stage 2021 ~ a dance difficulty using the audio… review More 

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Lyrics native SnippetKiss me, dangerousBeen so shed without friend all roughly meGettin' anxiousLeave me, don't look back, it's all around youIn the dark ideal nowFeeling lost, but I like itComfort in mine sins, it's all about meOnly calm right nowAnd the taste of resentmentSimmer in my skinIt's all aboutBloodstain on my shirtNew bitch on mine nervesOld nigga obtained curvedGoing ago on mine wordDamn, bitch, you prefer thirty
First previewed together a snippet post on SZA’s Instagram story ~ above October 7, 2020, “Shirt” obtained traction on tiktok in early 2021 ~ a dance challenge using the audio originated on the platform.

Originally untitled, the song was tentatively described as “Shirt” by fans, to which SZA reaction on Twitter top top January 8, 2021:

I heard y"all named the Tik Tok tune “shirt” lol. I’m fine w that

The track was teased in ~ the finish of the official music video clip for “Good Days”, which to be released on march 5, 2021.

When wondered about by fans about the song’s release on twitter after ~ releasing “Joni”, “I hate You”, and also “Nightbird” on respectable 22, 2021, she comment saying:

She nex


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Did SZA get involved to the "Shirt" run challenge? Answer1 contributor
Yes! SZA uploaded the tiktok on January 4, 2020.


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