After escaping from Lesbule castle, Naoki"s party decides to return to Füse in order to escape from any kind of pursuers. There, lock reunite v Natalia, the inn proprietress, who allows them to stay at the inn complimentary of charge... On one condition...

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This is a side story of the main series of tales of a Harem in an additional World and also takes place automatically after the events of story of a Harem in an additional World Vol. 4.

31Japanese Title: 異世界ハーレム物語:外伝 〜ナタリア編〜Romaji Title: ISEKAI HAREM MONOGATARI: GAIDEN ~NATALIA HEN~
* The contents of this work-related is a occupational of fiction. All personalities depicted herein space at least 18 year of age despite creative liberties top top the part of the writer that may imply otherwise. This work is no intended for sale to minors.


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After obtaining two new succubus allies, Naoki"s party sets sail for the Kingdom that Aldam. Yet it isn"t long into their journey when they discover that ..
Naoki Oikawa was busily fapping far to his naughty erotic mags when he was unexpectedly transported come a fantasy world filled through demon lords, monsters, a..
After an extended stay, the party lastly leaves the village of Füs and makes way for the Imperial capital of Lesbule. Escorting castle is Mila Micola, ..
Finally getting here at the Imperial resources of Lesbule, the party is welcomed personally by Queen Sophia XIII and also Princess Marie. Together the Hero that legend N..
Bonus thing 1 - Elf Natalia is back! After getting a short taste of her at the end of thing one, Naoki Oikawa savors the moment in this bonus chap..
Naoki Oikawa finds himself "trapped" in Lesbule lock after the Princess continuously provides him sexual comfort v the aid or her personal gua..
Naoki and the gang make their means to the port city that Rihanella, however just when our ostensible hero thinks he can catch a break, he is challenged by tw..
Aoi is ravaged when she"s can not to get her lover Maika a birthday present since of her busy week at work, and offers to comprise for the the only ..
After cut ties with her mother, Rika didn"t know just how she would be able to find a place to remain on she own. She never dreamed of finding anything l..
Despite gift busty and also beautiful, Teruyo is tho a virgin in ~ 27... Until she find out around the "inseminators for hire", a group of old men who can..
The Inseminators win again! This time they come to the rescue that a housewife who husband can not satisfy. Contract duration: one month!..
Masahiro and his wife space going to gain a pretty hotel continue to be together, simply the 2 of them, or at the very least so the believes. Yet she has other plans.....
It"s been a year since the main character and also his girlfriend, Serika, have actually started walk out. But because of his timidness, they just can"t seem come ta..
My rabbit maid has been obtaining insubordinate lately. She started wearing revealing clothes while working, and also she keeps offering me one erotic look. Wha..
A voluptuous teacher "educates" her child after he provides an app on her to meet his sexual desires...
After Yuuto breaks the brand-new video video game console the his friend"s older brothers bought, his enlarge sister supplies to do anything come make things right, but..
Dreemes Crushde had actually a normal, happy life. That is, till her father marketed her hand in marriage for money native a rich businessman. Now, rather of havin..
Hiro travel to a isolated area throughout his summer vacation. As he wanders up the mountain path wherein not even the villagers tread, the meets Ruri. Ruri..
Riku"s wildest dreams come true as soon as the woman he"s loved every those year seduces him. But can he provide in to his urges once she"s a married woman and also ..
Mizuki loves her husband, she yes, really does... However for her, an excellent dick is a need, not a want, and also he just can"t seem come deliver. Fortunately, she has a w..
The protagonist receive a confession indigenous a beauty on the swim team. The fact is, he"s had a thing for she for a while, yet as her supervisor, he ha..
In a futuristic culture populated solely by women, the lonely heir come a an effective conglomerate finds unlikely companionship in she android housekeeper...
Inubo"s a hardworking dad law his finest to do his son proud, however he makes consistent blunders at his job and also his timid personality leads to that getti..

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