For virtually a decade I"ve been committed to mine clients as whole satisfaction regarding their tattoo desires. With an impeccable attention to information I strive because that excellence with every tattoo. I patiently take the time to hear to her ideas. Together we have the right to work to change them into a tattoo we deserve to both it is in proud of. Her happiness and also satisfaction in the direction of your tattoo is what drives and motivates my art.

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Custom tattooing and body piercing with our clients goals in mindSame job appointmentsOver two decades experience in new York and Los AngelesAward winning and also published artistBloodbourne microorganism certifiedInstagram : monkeyphunk3

I to be a skilled tattoo artist functioning at Bleeding beauty beauty Tattoo in Fullerton, CA. I am really passionate about providing the finest tattoos in a safe, friendly setting for mine clients. Ns sepcialize in law Neotraditional and illistrative tattoos in both color and also black and gray. Friend can check out my work on instagram at


We are a at sight friendly super clean and professional Tattoo Studio. We want everyone feel like we room the Tattoo Shop close to Me. A home for creativity and expression we market a funny comfortable and also professional environment. You have the right to rest assured all precautions and necessary steps are adhered come strictly make Loveland Tattoo Studio an amazing place to it is in Tattoo givtattoos or also just love tattoos. The art and the way of life surrounding tattoos and also art in general. We are very proud and respectful of our southerly California roots and history. Purveyors and also practitioners of the signature west coastline black and also gray and traditional A... Watch Profile

I perform custom one off tattoos because that each client individually. If you can dream it, i can draw it. No two tattoos room the same. I’m a certified tattoo and also fine artist working in an award winning shop in orange California. Working on clientele native every walk of life, large or small, every item of artwork is as important in its own way, as my customers are, and weather you’re travel or live close by, you’ll acquire the quality, and also wonderful experience, the you worthy which usually ends up becoming a friendship the lasts the test of time as with your new tattoo will.... Watch Profile
Located in Downtown FullertonWorking atChapman Ave tattoo1333 e chapman AveFullertonCome in and also ask because that Zak16yrs experienceHighest top quality Jewelry availableAlways learningMy goal together a expert is to make every little thing as quick and also painless as possible. Giving my clients the finest jewelry and also aftercare to make sure they have actually a beautiful healed piercing/piercingsCome hangout and lets watch if there is something funny we deserve to do because that youInner ear work is mine favorite however I love every aspect of my Profession and also would love to do any type of Piercing the you want.... Check out Profile
Affordable an excellent Quality TattoosOctoink mobile Tattoo Studio constantly has the art human being wondering what they are going to carry out next. We lug the shop come you, so from first-timers to parents with tiny children we strive for the complete tattoo experience in the comfort of your home.
I guess I specialize in repairs, since allot of my new clients room requesting that. I try to take it a personal interest in each tattoo and also aim to offer the client a personal posative attitude and a sterile imaginative experience. I am State Certified because that Blood Born Pathegins and also an extremely versital. Ns am competent in many styles, and always willing to push the envelope.
We room in an indoor football rink. Loads of civilization all day. We have a podcast room. Live music and also more.friendly because that the community
I am a licensed experienced tattoo artist and also clairvoyant medium . I likewise practice Reiki power healing .I have actually been tattooing in a professionally since 1993. Ns love what i do and also I love collaborating v my client .Certified by osha in blood borne pathogens and cross contamination and also prevention and I have actually a covid training food .
Hello my name is Joey I have been tattooing for 12 yrs now I specialization in all types of tattoos native realism, color,traditional, aztec,lettering and fine heat for more inquires you deserve to message or text thanks 949 306 3984
I am basically running a private studio in a fastened environment, Incase human being like privacy I administer privacy . Ns am willing to job-related with my clients as far as the design wanted for there tattoo and I additionally peomote competitive pricing ! hand down good pricing because I run my own organization ! i am additionally a fine rounded artist ! therefore I repaint a range of piece as much as pets too portraits or people and abstract ingredient ! i love water coloring most of my pieces but I am fine rounded ! i am very passionate in this craft and also I am an artist all about ! If i am not tattooing because that the day ns am painting or law something art associated ! ns will achieve the... See Profile
We specized in Japanese, asianart, tribal, realism.Red Buddha Tattoo is situated in the love of Garden Grove, California. In 2012, tattoo artist Ryback Anguitay opened up Red Buddha Tattoo with the intention of producing a clean, safe and also friendly environment for our clients.Our artists are bloodborne virus certified and registered v the health Department. We use just disposable needles and also tubes to provide the highest level of sanitary practices.Our artists’ layout ranges from:-Asian art-Realism-Portrait-Traditional/Neo-traditional-Black and grey-Colo... Check out Profile
説明The 2nd location developed by Jess Yen (HoriYen) Tattoo Family, providing experienced body arts company in City that Huntington Beach, CaliforniaMY TATTOO IS A MULTI-CULTURAL TATTOO SHOP located IN southerly CALIFORNIA. WE specialize IN developing A variety OF TATTOOS utilizing BOTH machine AND classic TEBORI HAND STYLE. All MY TATTOO ARTISTS room TAUGHT through GENERATIONS UNDER THE OWNER of THE SHOP, JESS YEN (HORIYEN). We ARE devoted TO giving YOU WITH impressive BODY ART and also CUSTOMER SERVICE.IT IS OUR duty TO carry out YOU through A SAFE, CLEAN, and FRIENDLY environment TO satisfy YOUR DESIRE for TATTOOING and BODY PIERCI... View Profile
Torch Tattoo opened in 2010 in Anaheim, California near Disneyland, point of view Stadium, and the Honda Center. Us are skilled artists who produce high-quality designs in a friendly, relaxed, and also clean environment.Appointments and Walk-ins Tuesday v Sunday. See current work and also follow us on Instagram -
I offer classic henna tattoos and white and also glitter henna. Traditional henna only has henna powder and also essential oils. The henna stain deserve to last around a week increase to even two weeks. It is for sure for every skin species and even kids.
I"m a tattoo artist through reasonable price $50 roses or customized tattoos to her liking prices space negotiable, I work at Cali tattoo shop I"ve been tattooing because that 10 years ns can create anything customers ask for.I take it my time and also don"t rush tattoos, coverups are also available.

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here at American beauty beauty Tattoo, the driving ideology is that life is much better with quality tattoos; therefore, us constantly effort to develop and also create good tattoos by adhering come the practice of utilizing proven design principles and pursuing expert craftsmanship. Since it"s inception in 2001, the artists at American Beauty have actually been committed to producing quality tattoos and also providing great customer service. We pride oneself on preserving a clean environment and also using safe and sterile techniques.... Watch Profile
Our Tattooing and body piercing space by proficient PROFESSIONALS. Started in 2010 ours artist"s have actually been tattooing for number of years....our artist room all an imaginative and deserve to design any type of tattoo... Just tell united state your vision, and also we will certainly be an ext then happy to draw it up...We perform portraits,traditional,Horror,water color, beautiful black and also grays we do it all...We believe in law the finest work and also our clients, space always really satisfied we have actually a most return business...we carry out quality work and also a good price!... View Profile
I have been tattooing approximately 17 years. I have operated with few of the ideal artist from everywhere the world, i am also an award winning artist because 2009. My layout of tattooing is very versed, specializing in custom designs in Black and also Gray, Color, Pointalisim, Portraits, big scale, complete sleeves etc... I have actually been featured in lot of publications including Flash Magazine, Skin art magazine and also Out of step Books, simply to name a few. And Music Videos for different artist. I am right now located in Downtown Los Angeles. If you"re intrested please perform not hesitate to contact me for booking ir any kind of questions you may have. Give thanks to you.&... See Profile
Infinite an abilities Creates MiraclesHand illustrations are strategically shown with extra fine suggest permanent black color sharpie is mainly my medium. My style of illustrations are greatly influenced by my community. Farming up in Orange county California I have actually been inspired by the Money: Mansions: Music: and Mission Viejo. I think that ns can produce any kind of illustrations by conversations that vision and direction, a few visual references and also given demensions I have the right to do initial works tradition to the client. My artwork is my job of love. Practice tattoos.GraphicIllustrations. Cut/$ewn/Lab ProductDevelopment. FutureStyle/tacoemojishirt.comionForecast . Tee... View Profile
I’ve to be tattooing 9 year total, 4 year professionally. I have my bbp and also I to be registered in the state that california to do these procedures. Ns tattoo v two other we’ll know. Artist’ in ~ a personal studio in Montebello ca. This is not an open tattoo shop because that the public. Strict appointments only. We specialization in realism black and also grey, color and also calligraphy/goth calligraphy. An extremely passionate in what us do. Girlfriend can uncover me ~ above ig
I to be an accomplished tattoo artist with twenty years of experience. My new studio,Mohave Creative, is located in West Los Angeles. I have a choose group that resident artist who sell a range of popular artistic styles varying from realism, surrealism, fine line, black work, traditional, etc. My highly in-depth work deserve to be watched on countless of Hollywood"s musicians, actors, and also celebrities.
First step collection up a consultation, I need to understand as lot as feasible about her future tattoo. After i get much more information what friend planning come get, Im starting working top top a design, when sketch aproved the most interesting component is fallowing T-A-T-T-O-O-I-N-G!
Award win Lettering artist. Achieved an apprenticeship and also 10 years at a heritage Tattoo a storefront shop, for the critical 5 year I established a private setup called "Memory Lane" at a an imaginative office situated In the fairfax district, Los Angeles,known for arts & tacoemojishirt.comion, a renowned travel destination. Alltogether a complete of 15 years suffer in the tattoo industry. I specialize in Lettering , I reap working v Black & Grey, likewise known because that my "Realism" style.... See Profile
We offer high quality custom designs and also prints at great prices. We can help you build your firm from start to finish with custom logo designs, service cards, flyers, websites, heralding materials, custom agency uniforms, letter heads, invoices, tradition clothing, hats, mugs, posters, banners, CD booklets, CD cases, tradition character prints or standees, prop design, wall surface murals, custom wall hangers, store signage, window and auto decals, automobile vinyl wraps, vinyl stickers, auto Magnets, family members photo enlarments, and more. For more information please examine out our website or email united state at you have the right to a... See Profile