We have actually an in-state rivalry on our plates for the later portion of the college basketball slate.The TCU Horned Frogs take it on the Texas A&M Aggies in a Texas-sized showdown after that Saturday.TCU enters a little favorite, and also Kyle Remillard describes why they must cover below.

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Texas A&M and also TCU go to fight in the Battleground 2K21 at the Toyota facility in Houston, Texas, Saturday night.

Texas A&M has actually started the season 7-1 with 5 victories over cake-walk opponents. In its 3 games against opponents the rank within the peak 100, the Aggies are 2-1 v their single loss comes to Wisconsin. They led by 16 points in the opening 10 minute in the contest before being outscored by 27 clues the remainder of the game.

Jamie Dixon and the TCU Horned Frogs have adhered to a similar path together the Aggies, opened the season 7-1. 5 of those victories have actually come against opponents that rank outside the optimal 200 in the country.

They laid an egg versus Santa Clara yet rebounded nicely, winning 4 straight, including a 76-62 win over Utah last time out.

Two success streaks will certainly be placed to the test, and also whichever team takes treatment of the basketball will have an sheet in maintaining its streak alive.

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TCU Horned Frogs

Head coach Jamie Dixon pulled the plug on critical year’s 12-14 roster and hits full rebuild mode after pass in eight transfers.

One the the few returning pieces, Mike mile Jr., has led the regimen to a 7-1 begin this season. Miles has averaged 17.1 points after scoring twin digits in every video game this season come go along with his 4.7 assists per game.

Emanuel Miller has led the group of move this season, placing up 10.6 points, and his 7.1 rebounds per challenge ranks 2nd in the large 12. He’s been one of the ideal in the nation in maintaining possessions alive, grabbing 3.3 offensive rebounds every game.

TCU has improved substantially in the turnover department, i m sorry hindered the offense at an early stage in the season. After transforming the ball over 49 time in its very first three contests, the offense has actually totaled only 51 turnovers in 5 games since.

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It’s shot the ball horrifically indigenous behind the arc, hitting 28% from 3-point range, i beg your pardon ranks outside the peak 300 nationally. However the Horned Frogs have overcame the glass, where they have actually kept possessions lively on 40% of your misses.