The producers of Teen mom 2 talk about missing Chelsea"s big news and share cute stories around the actors members" pets.

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Producer Brendan Carr discusses Ali"s on-screen struggle with M.D., and executive producer Annalisa Ellis provides an inside look at the process behind the show"s animations.

The show"s producer talk about spending the day with Cole together he all set for the father-daughter dance and also discuss the difficulties of filming a actors crossover.

The crew talks around what the was choose filming ~ above location during Kailyn and Leah"s trip to Hawaii, a crazy cat moment recorded on tape, and their skydiving adventure.

The producer relive Briana"s plastic surgical procedure makeover whereby Javi made a surprise appearance and cameras obtained in on all the graphics action.

The moms aren"t strangers to conflict with their family members, partner or the fathers of their children.
From birthday celebrations come skydiving to gender reveals, there"s never a dull minute for the moms.
Briana relives highlights native Teen mother 2, consisting of frustrating times v Devoin, her driving lesson and also her first club experience.
Briana looks back at heartwarming, funny and stressful moments from Teen mom 2, including the bear of her daughters, to buy condoms and her reunion blowup.
Chelsea sit down through crew come talk about the bear of her brand-new baby girl, Layne, and Cole discusses his teary reaction to being a father again.
Look earlier at big moments in Kailyn"s life, including structure her new house, co-parenting struggles, amazing family news and her conflict with Jo.
Look back at Leah"s peak moments top top the show, from she breakup with Jason to taking care of a medical emergency and parenting her 3 outspoken girls.
Relive few of Briana’s many memorable moment on the show, consisting of when she reintroduced Stella to her absentee father and brought her present beau to meet her family.
Revisit some of the many unforgettable moments in Chelsea"s life, including the time burglars broke into she home and the bear of her 3rd child.
Leah and Corey storage Ali"s successful neuromuscular checkup with a high-five and also take a moment to reflect on your co-parenting trip together.
Chelsea talks v Cole around the moto coat she developed for her apparel line, therapy and also spending time with Aubree.
Kailyn and Lindsie have actually an emotionally chat with Monica the tool for their "Coffee Convos" podcast, and Kailyn gets an unexpected speak to while in ~ a salon.
Chelsea talks to Aubree around an upcoming father-daughter dance, and then Chelsea"s friend Laura supplies her opinion about whether Aubree"s all set for a cellphone.
Briana calls Planned Parenthood to uncover out she STI check results and is caught off security by the news she receives.
Join hold Ken Jeong and celebrities choose Jhene Aiko, Saweetie, Seventeen, Olivia Munn and also Daniel Dae Kim come stand through the AAPI neighborhood with See united state Unite because that Change, Friday in ~ 8/7c.

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