(Spoilers All) Lovecraft references, i.e. 'what is dead may never die', kraken/cthulu, The Wall/Mountains the Madness

Whenever someone quotes Theon's "What is dead may never die" I constantly think the the Lovecraft quote "That is no dead which deserve to eternal lie, and also after strange aeons even death may die." What various other references could GRRM have used?

I think that quote paired v the Kraken symbol are a nod come Cthulu. Maybe you can make an dispute for The wall and the incredibly high mountains in "At the mountains of Madness". Ns think the Lovecraft quote can easily use to The White Walkers and their connection to death. Martin has actually said the the WW room not dead, but I'm not sure whether castle were clearly said to it is in immortal or just live because that a an extremely long time/hibernate.

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ATMOM takes ar in Antarctica and of food the WW are linked with the cold and winter.

Taking the idea more for the heck of it, maybe we have a relationship between humans and also the WW choose the Elder Things and also the Shoggoth in ATMOM.

On Earth, the Elder points built vast cities, both underwater and on dried land. They might be responsible because that the figure of the first life-forms ~ above Earth, consisting of the entity known as Ubbo-Sathla (although sources differ in this regard). They produced the shoggoths come be their all-purpose servant race. Eventually, however, the shoggoths rebelled—an event that sped up the decline and ultimate collapse of your civilization. Back the Elder Things managed to originally subdue the Shoggoths after their attempted rebellion, the Shoggoths ongoing to enhance physiologically; raising in intelligence and developing the volume to live ~ above land.

I feel there is more than likely a depth relationship between humans, the WW, and the kids of the forest. Also, what space the odds the we check out some Cthulu choose beast emerge from past the wall? provided his proclivity for monster stories (read what he started analysis them once he to be young) I'm not sure I'd placed it previous him. Gotta provide something large enough for the dragon to go up against perhaps. Possibly after gift beaten back last time the 'leader' feels he demands to come in and finish it himself.

Of food this comes back to why perform the WW come at all? i don't think it's as straightforward as a marauding band of killers. Ns think he'll do us shot to empathize through them somehow. Some CotF bastardization that went wrong. I don't know, I'm getting off topic... Uneven the WW are an ext the Shoggoth and less the Elder Thing. Ok, I clearly need to check out some an ext general speculation ~ above the WW and their history, i don't remember enough specifics native the book.

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Found some other references:

H.P. Lovecraft: it is speculated by some that the drowning God the the Ironborn is motivated by H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu. This might be made likelier by the fact that the surname 'Dagon' (that of lord Dagon Greyjoy) was provided by Lovecraft in his fear fiction, who obtained it from an ancient Philistine fish-god.