Everything you have to know about the South oriental Manhwa Breaker brand-new Waves Season 3!

The breaker collection has perfect its first two parts, Breaker and Breaker brand-new waves. Breaker new waves season 3 is currently on the horizon.

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Breaker brand-new Wave was initially written through Jeon Geuk Jin and also was shown by Kamaro whose real name is Jin Hawn Park.

Jin Hwan Park is a korean comic writer. His noteworthy works incorporate Archlord book that was released in 2007. Top top the other hand, Jeon Geuk Jin is known for his book, “Ruler the the Land”.

It is a South korean Manhwa series. Manhwa is a type of comics or print cartoon in Korea. Manhwa normally refers come South oriental comics.

Breaker Series

The Breaker series is a south oriental comic ( Manhwa ) that was very first serialized in the year 2007 and went top top till 2010. The breaker collection manhwa consisted of ten volumes.

The sequel to the Breaker collection is Breaker new waves. The Breaker new waves season 2 commenced top top October 21, 2010, and also went top top till may 8, 2015. It had actually 20 volumes and 200 chapters. It is not a surprise that part speculations room going roughly now concerning Breaker new waves season 3!

Breaker and also Breaker brand-new waves were serialized in Young champ magazine, a unit that Daewon culture Industry, a subsidiary the Daewon media.

Will there be Breaker new Waves Season 3?

After the lengthy wait the the fans and also fortunately after five long years, the authors have actually announced the they will start working because that the Manhwa installment once they are done with the work in Trinity wonder season 3!

Jeon geek Jin and Jin Hwan Park, both said that there will be a Breaker brand-new Waves Season 3. But the writer announced the they might not begin the task as that now. The authors exclaimed that they are already held up with another work. To the fans" excitement, the writer promised that the Breaker new waves season 3 will hit the industry within couple of years. As of now, Trinity wonder season 3 is completed and also fans are currently hyped end the Breaker brand-new waves season 3! The writers may start their work anytime soon and it is meant to it is in a feast for the pan of the show.

Breaker new waves season 3 has not however been officially renewed. Yet it is meant to surely take it its time to reach the TV and mobile screens of the fans. So, for now, let united state read around the prequels the breaker new waves season 3.

This short article contains spoiler for Breaker series season 1 and also Breaker brand-new waves season 2.


The storyline because that Breaker and Breaker brand-new Waves.

Swoon Yi is a pupil of Chunwoo Han that is a an extremely skilled persona at Martial Arts. Murim, a mystery martial arts society is one alliance that eliminated Chunwoo Han’s teacher Unwell. Murim, the Martial arts Alliance chef is desperate to discover the black Heaven and Earth an approach from Chunwoo Han.

Chunwoo Han is now against the Murim government and is additionally seeks come avenge the death of his teacher Unwol by damaging the Murim. He joins forces with the Black woodland Defence Group.

Chunwoo Han is assigned come a mission to walk to Seoul from Black forest Defence Group, A team that operates versus the Murim Martial arts society. In this process, Chunwoo Han meets Shiwoon Yi and also trains him to conquer his weaknesses. Due to the fact that Chunwoo Han is the critical user of earth techniques and also Black heaven, he overcome them under to his pupil Shiwoon Yi.

Chunwoo Han rescues the head that the Sunwoo clan together a component of his mission.

The heart is the head the the Sunwoo Clan and also was held hostage through the Murim Martial arts Alliance together her clan preserved on gaining an ext political power. She is born v a ripe Yin kind body. She is freed by Chunwoo Han together with the Black woodland Defence group.

The Martial art Alliance gathers intel ~ above Chunwoo Han’s pupil Shiwoon Yi and eventually takes that hostage. After a collection of events, to protect Shiwoon native the Murim, Han destroys the QI center of Shiwoon Yi, which will provide him lawful protection versus the Murim as he will certainly be no much longer able to exercise Martial arts.

Later, Shiwoon Yi is asserted as the successor of the Sunwoo clan by heart (The human being whom Chunwoo Han rescued throughout his Seoul mission).

In Breaker brand-new waves, Shiwoon Yi is the protagonist of season 2.

Swoon Yi that is the successor of the Sunwoo clan provides up his position. The sequel encounters how Shiwoon Yi in addition to Sera Kang restores his QI center. A brand-new group called SUC intimidates the citizens under the surname “Nine arts Dragon”. Swoon Yi is all collection to stop and also destroy the SUC group for defaming his teacher Chunwoo Han’s name and also to safeguard the people.

As the now, no clear date has been announced from the author’s side about the release of Breaker brand-new Waves Season 3 and also only a confirmation has actually been given!

We will certainly surely upgrade this write-up once there’s an main confirmation for releasing dates.

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