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Safe / Tame (12)
TitleFata Morgana no Yakata
Original titleファタモルガーナの館
Aliasesファタモル, Fata Moru
Play timeLong (33h38m indigenous 108 votes)
PublishersNovectacle & Gengosha Co., Ltd. & MangaGamer & FuRyu copy, group & Dramatic produce & Neira Norte Team & Animate GamesMangaGamer & Neira Norte Team & Mighty hare Studios & limited Run GamesMangaGamer & Neira Norte Team07th InquisitionMangaGamer & Neira Norte Team
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Shops» JP¥ 2090
DLsite» US$ 24.95
MangaGamer» US$ 34.95
MangaGamer» US$ 79.98
PlayAsia (bundle)


You awaken in a decrepit old mansion.A woman with eyes that jade stands before You, informing You that You room the master of the house, and she your Maid. However, You have actually no memories, no concept of self—or, indeed, any kind of certainty that You are even alive.The Maid invites you to join her on a journey through the mansion"s lifeless halls, to behold the numerous tragedies that have befallen its residents. She suggests that amongst them, perhaps You will uncover some map of Yourself.Beyond the very first door lies the year 1603.It is an era of unparalleled beauty, whereby art and theatre flourish. Roses bloom abundantly in the garden whereby the inseparable Rhodes brothers play, and also though they show up to be cost-free of worry and strife... Not everyone is content to check out them happy.Beyond the second door lies the year 1707.In this era, the mansion lies in ruins, and a beast dwells within. He cases to yearn for a life of serenity, yet it is not long before he returns to his innate savagery and a massacre ensues.Beyond the third door lies the year 1869.In this technologically progressed era, human being are constantly on the move. The mansion"s understand is an ambitious businessman who has actually invested in the rail industry. However, his obsession v wealth and power leader him come neglect and also mistreat his wife.Beyond the fourth door lies the year 1099.The Maid tells You the this is the final tale. In this era, You check out a young man who claims to be cursed and a girl v white hair, referred to as Giselle, who has been branded a witch and marked for death.Having borne witness to these 4 tragedies, each collection in a various time and place, You space now free to choose whether You great to finish Your story here... Or press on.But there room those that would say, "You were able come bear them since they weren"t your tragedies."

Albino ProtagonistS 3.0
mental TraumaS 3.0 Unavoidable fatality of ProtagonistS 3.0 CurseS 2.9 identification CrisisS 2.9 AfterlifeS 2.9 Drama 2.9 Protagonist v a SpriteS 2.9 FlashbackS 2.9 other Perspectives 2.9 masculine ProtagonistS 2.8 One True End 2.8 Gothic RomanceS 2.8 Mystery 2.8 ReincarnationS 2.8 Western-style Mansion 2.8 i of Time 2.8 Pure Love StoryS 2.8 Noble ProtagonistS 2.8 Protagonist with a FaceS 2.8 RedemptionS 2.8 MadnessS 2.8 death of HeroineS 2.8 Discrimination 2.8 RevengeS 2.8 lot of Songs 2.8 Amnesiac ProtagonistS 2.8 descriptions of Violence 2.7 Episodic Story 2.7 Music Recollection 2.7 ReunionS 2.7 TortureS 2.7 Amnesia 2.7 Rape Victim HeroineS 2.6 Adult ProtagonistS 2.6 ADV 2.6 death of ProtagonistS 2.6 Middle eras Europe 2.6 SacrificeS 2.6 No sex-related Content 2.6 mystery IdentityS 2.6 Non-ChronologicalS 2.5 Suspense 2.5 Master and also Servant 2.4 Maid Heroine 2.4 Hikikomori ProtagonistS 2.4 Unreliable NarratorS 2.4 LGBTQ IssuesS 2.3 BetrayalS 2.3 White Haired Heroine 2.3 finishing List 2.2 ambient Sounds 2.2 timed ChoicesS 2.2 Adult HeroineS 2.2 negative Endings with StoryS 2.2 implemented Playing Order 2.1 Unlockable Gallery 2.1 No opened Movie 2.1 much more Than seven EndingsS 2.1 Romance 2.1 100% perfect Bonus 2.0 brief NVL Scenes 2.0 Brother support CharacterS 2.0 residential ViolenceS 2.0 HomicideS 2.0 Multi-Selection Choices 2.0 only One an excellent EndingS 2.0 Restart from chapter Index 2.0 Thriller 2.0 Under the same RoofS 2.0 Unlockable PrologueS 2.0 varied Title ScreensS 2.0 BullyingS 1.9 video game Over 1.9 Unlockable next StoriesS 1.9 short Branches OnlyS 1.9 UtsugeS 1.9 Witch HeroineS 1.9 Unlockable Bonus Content 1.8 Bloody Scenes 1.8 France 1.8 High quantity of poor EndingsS 1.7 Horror 1.7 ExecutionS 1.7 Sickly ProtagonistS 1.7 poor Ending(s)S 1.6 colored Texts 1.6 Dramatic Love TriangleS 1.6 Achievements 1.5 Transgender ProtagonistS 1.5 19th Century 1.4 arranged MarriageS 1.4 talk ObjectS 1.4 major AntagonistS 1.4 Albino HeroineS 1.4 Heroine with Multiple PersonalitiesS 1.4 Early modern Period Earth 1.4 Italian MafiaS 1.4 NakigeS 1.3 Unlockable EventS 1.3 Roses 1.3 Albino HeroS 1.2 Adult HeroS 1.2 Christian Church 1.2 Unlockable ChoicesS 1.1 side ImagesS 1.1 Photographic Backgrounds 1.1 Branching PlotS 1.0 Meaningless Choices 1.0 MetafictionS 1.0 Noble HeroS 0.9 multiple EndingsS 0.9 Foreigner Hero 0.9 Censored TextS 0.8 household FeudS 0.8 Brother/Sister RomanceS 0.8 inescapable Heroine Rape by OthersS 0.8 blind HeroineS 0.7 French HeroS 0.7 Brocon HeroineS 0.6 SlaveryS 0.5 Italian Heroine 0.5 Sickly HeroineS 0.4 Multiple course MysteryS 0.1

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