If you love to have actually fun with science, there's a YouTube channel you might enjoy dubbed "The King the Random." Courtney is join by Calli Gade, among the hosts of the present with regional ties!


Good job Rewind - 11/19Here are few of the silly moments you might have missed from today's show!

Woodland lamp Festival Parade walk Forward together PlannedA backwoods businessman is spearheading the initiative to host the parade.

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Folsom Skating Rink could Open As soon As SaturdayThe ice cream rink delayed its opening because of vandalism and theft, it's operator say.

Causeway classic PreviewRiding the longest success streak in the critical 55 years of Sacramento State football, the Hornets will close the end the continual season with the Causeway standard at UC Davis top top Saturday, Nov. 20. This year will certainly be the 67th regular season meeting between the nearby schools but the first played ~ above the UC Davis campus since 2016. Large Al Sams to be at Hornet stadium for the morning pep rally!
Fit 4 mother FitnessWe're in Modesto through Fit 4 mom Fitness and also they're providing Black Friday Fitness Specials! check out what transaction you deserve to score to obtain in shape!
Tunes with A TwistJordan Segundo sings a exciting mashup the songs and also the great Day Players must guess each one!!
Red Door AntiquesLori Wallace is in Elk Grove at Red Door Antiques offering you holiday gift ideas! check out what awesome antiques they have actually that deserve to be great gifts for your loved ones!
Jess WeinerCody's friend Jess Weiner join pressures with Shondaland Audio + iHeartRadio to carry you a new podcast called: "Dominant Stories v Jess Weiner"
Imperfect FoodsThanks to Imperfect foods for giving us with healthy and balanced food! See exactly how you have the right to have your really own healthy and balanced food delivered to you!
Kaiser Sympathy strike Enters second DayThousands the Kaiser employee are collection to walk off the job in the 2nd day in a row. The two-day sympathy win is a show of assistance for the hospital's designers who have currently been on strike for 2 months therefore far, demanding higher pay.
Historic Partial Lunar Eclipse it s long 3 Hours, 28 MinutesLast night (11/18) to be the longest partial lunar eclipse in almost 600 years. Time lapse video clip from the Griffith Observatory looks like somebody just put your hand in prior of the lens, but we're called this is mirroring the historic occasion which was referred to as the blood moon. NASA says that the lasted 3 hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds.

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Sacramento Police K9 Stabbed By suspect Returns to Duty FridayA Sacramento Police department K9 that was stabbed is walk to go back to work. The Sacramento Police Canine Association mutual a picture showing K9 Ranger surrounded by treatment packages and also treats. He was stabbed earlier this month in the Tahoe Park area together police to be trying come arrest a suspect. He had actually to walk through numerous weeks the rehab, yet is now ready for duty once again.
Causeway standard PreviewRiding the longest victory streak in the last 55 years of Sacramento State football, the Hornets will certainly close out the continuous season v the Causeway standard at UC Davis on Saturday, Nov. 20. This year will be the 67th constant season meeting in between the adjacent schools but the very first played on the UC Davis campus because 2016. Huge Al Sams was at Hornet stadion for the morning pep rally!