The critical of us 2 is a heart-wrenching game and also these are its saddest quotes. Gain your organization ready.

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Dina, Ellie and also Joel from The last of us 2
due to the fact that the release of The last of us 2, it’s been extremely hard come forget about. Surpassing The Witcher 3 to become the most awarded video game in history, this playstation Exclusive has actually been the hot topic the conversation.

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The collection is recognized to supply some heart-wrenchingly raw moments as characters get frank in the post-apocalyptic world. With spoilers laying ahead, be prepared to be moved and grab part tissues, together these saddest estimates are sure to gain you itching come play the game all over again.

Ellie and Dina indigenous The last of us 2
~ Dina reveals come Ellie that she"s pregnant, Ellie didn"t hold back on how she truly felt. Although to be this completely her fault?

This component of the video game is specifically stinging and it"s a small sign of the begin of Ellie"s degradation as her mind is overwhelming her, which leader to her inevitable decline. Her personality is changing without her even realizing, due to grief and anger. Ultimately, Ellie is saying points that she wouldn"t usually say come the ones the she loves.

Joel fearbut playing guitar in The critical of united state 2
regardless of Joel"s absence of dialogue, this at an early stage scene is an extremely memorable moment in the game. Singing to Ellie a sheathe of "Future Days" by Pearl Jam, that is naught but totally truthful for their relationship that originally blossomed indigenous something therefore unexpectedly small.

afterwards into the game and sadly ~ Joel"s death, Ellie sings this song alone in the cinema, repeating the line, "If ns were to shed you, I"d truly lose myself," together she reminisces about Joel.

Ellie and Dina in The critical Of us 2.
at the begin of she decline, Ellie it s okay candid through Dina, confessing how she do Nora talk. The scene where Ellie kills Nora is a pivotal moment in the game that shows just how overwhelmed Ellie is with thinking she"s appropriate to go after Abby and also how she looks for revenge for the ns of Joel.

Confessing come Dina she true feelings mirrors that Ellie is conflicted about her choices; even if it is this is to pursue killing Abby or to continue to be with Dina. This conflict decision ultimately is the reason why Dina pipeline Ellie with her choices at the finish of The last of united state 2.

Dina from The last of united state 2
Dina pleads for Ellie to stay after Joel"s brother, Tommy, convinces her to ultimately kill Abby once and also for all, after ~ a long-awaited sighting that her. Ellie appeared content through living in the farmhouse v Dina and her baby till a saddening moment showed the psychological trauma that she still confronted from Joel"s death and also how it still affect her.

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Dina wants Ellie to stay and also worries the she might get killed. Ellie"s mental is conflicted ~ above the selection but eventually ventures v the intentionally to kill Abby for what she thinks will be the final time. Ellie chooses revenge top top Abby end her and also Dina"s relationship.

6 "Making A Vaccine... Would have actually Killed You. For this reason I quit Them." - "I"ll go Back. However We"re Done."

"If you lie to me one an ext time, I"m gone. Friend will never see me again. Yet if girlfriend tell me the truth, I"ll go back to Jackson. No matter what the is." - Ellie

This is one of the longest awaited moment of the series as Joel confesses the truth to Ellie about her immunity. Her reaction is not among thanks. Yet, girlfriend can"t reference Ellie for being angry and also you can"t reprimand Joel for lying.

despite keeping she promise come go earlier to Jackson, Ellie has actually a grudge versus Joel together he lied to her. V the fate that Joel"s character, this quote is especially saddening, together it"s an build-up of sore moments that provides you think that Ellie and Joel had unresolved problems before he to be killed, i m sorry wasn"t the case.

in spite of what your opinions might be the her, Abby is no stranger to loss. The video game centers roughly Ellie"s goal of obtaining revenge for the death of Joel by searching down Abby and also killing those about her along the way.

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after Joel killed Abby"s dad to save Ellie"s life in The critical Of Us and Ellie killing her friends in The last Of us 2, Abby is left totally alone. If this wasn"t enough, Ellie proceeds through the hope to kill Abby in the final parts of the video game. You deserve to feel Abby"s raw emotion of lose in this dramatic scene of the game.

With what was initially thought the as among the last encounters in between Ellie and also Joel, this quote comes through a hefty burden as players dare to proceed thinking that the last conversation in between these extremely loveable characters was one of anger.

Joel was instantly at Ellie"s defence as she was labelled a "Dyke" after she and Dina common a kiss in the public space. In spite of Joel having only an excellent intentions, Ellie was fast to respond come Joel"s comment regarding the absence of aid that she requirements to defend herself. Through onlookers watching and also knowing the case escalated quickly and unintentionally, the made this step extremely difficult to watch. One embarrassed Joel quickly exits the situation and leaves Ellie contemplating she harsh comments.

In undoubtedly the saddest and most heart-wrenching cutscene the the entire game, Ellie pleads for Joel"s life. Joel lays struggling because that his life as Abby stands over him in the most unforgettable scene of the game.

Joel, arguably the finest character that the series, is much loved and his loss had actually a vast impact ~ above The critical of us series, i beg your pardon ultimately brought up the controversial decision of people"s thoughts on the game. Having constantly protected others approximately him, there lastly came a time whereby he was unable to defend himself.

Here, Ellie is just left okay in defeat. The long hours of gameplay led as much as this moment to which Ellie assumed she was doing this because that the much better of herself and also to revenge Joel.

Ellie shows evident signs that PTSD which became overwhelming at some points. She breaks under in this almost final step in which she breathlessly speak Abby come leave v Lev, after saving them from starvation and dehydration as they to be hung and left to die. In spite of the truth that Ellie was close to obtaining what she thought she always wanted, which to be to death Abby, she let she go cost-free as she sat beat with emotion.

"I was supposed to die in that hospital. My life would"ve f***ing mattered. However you took the from me." - Ellie

This heart-wrenching final scene had actually us crying our eye out. Through heartbreaking moment leading as much as this point, players were left thinking that Joel and also Ellie"s last conversation was one of the basic issues and also hatred, therefore this was the perfect final conversation the we might have hoped for.

as Ellie says to Joel that she would prefer to shot and forgive him, it"s apparent to both Joel and Ellie exactly how much their relationship way to each other in this father-daughter-like relationship.

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