After an intense battle with numerous casualties, the crew of the Nathan James comes out victorious, and was over there ever any doubt?

The critical Ship Season 4 episode 9, “Detect, Deceive, Destroy” and The critical Ship Season 4 episode 10, “Endgame,” come together for an action-packed season finale that eventually (and thankfully!) offers us a happy ending.

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The stamin of this crew and they means they have actually each other’s backs is what provides this show such heart. One can easily become lost in the activity sequences, especially in a finale prefer this one, but what matters an ext than those scenes are the tiny moments with individual characters.


And as soon as several males are down, others action up because that what is probably my favorite component of this whole season finale. Unexpected members of the crew room willing to lay their resides on the line and board the Greek ship once they’re needed.

Gator even surprises the others with his awesome shooting skills.


RIP Tex.

One of the an ext interesting elements of the finale is likewise one of the most frustrating. When the season has done a remarkable job of developing these complicated villains, so lot time is devoted to those characters that the takes away from the characters who have actually been through us native the start.

I’m far more concerned with understand Chief’s health, Burke’s interior struggle, and also Tom’s decision to continue to be with the crew quite than walk far again. We obtain resolution to every one of what I simply mentioned, however it’s those kinds of things I’d rather sit with for a bit.

That’s not to say occurring the villains isn’t important — it is. It’s essential for united state to remain invested, and also it renders the battle far more interesting than it would be otherwise. Understanding Vellek’s motivations and Giorgio’s pain space key.


Speaking of our villains, not a single one the them makes it the end alive. You have to feel a little sad because that Giorgio, in ~ least. It’s too negative he didn’t acquire a chance to redeem himself and somehow wind up on board the James to help out next season.

Lucia is also killed in well-timed shot that keeps she for shooting Chandler, a moment, by the way, which shows a real vulnerability for him.

And Vellek decides to take his life into his very own hands, however not prior to telling Chandler and also the others what could have been. It’s Chandler, though, who has actually it right around humanity.

Chandler: Being human being isn’t around cutting the end the darkness. It’s about fighting every job to find the light!

We wrap v a happy ending. Tom speak Mike he’d favor to go house when Mike uses to take it him anywhere, and that’s a satisfying moment that rounds out his arc for this season.

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We’ve checked out this guy go through hell, we’ve checked out the worst next of him, and now, we’ve viewed him come to terms with every little thing that provides him human. The feels favor closing a chapter.

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