We envision a future in which every youth have access to engaging, high-quality arts experiences, so the they deserve to lead v confidence and also empathy, drawing strength from their cultures and communities.

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As the Detroit Affiliate the the wolf Trap academy for beforehand Learning with the Arts, life Arts’ bring arts education and also integration come Head Starts, pre-school classes and also the community for youth 3 months to 5 years and also their families throughout the region.


after-school arts education

We market a large array that after college classes and workshops in dance, visual art,video animation & production, digital music and open studios because that teens. Nobody is turn away because that inability come pay, as we offer discounts and scholarships for those in need.


k-12 arts education

Living Arts’ to teach artists bring arts-integrated education and learning to institutions K-12 in metro Detroit,supporting the core curriculum and training teachers to use the arts in their very own classroom. These permanent experiences have far-ranging impact top top classrooms.

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living ARTS at HOME!

We every deserve come live a life filled with arts-rich experiences. With Living Arts at Home, you deserve to participate with several of our world-renowned to teach artists, every from your home classroom. Discover age-appropriate lessons through domains like emotion and creativity!

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Living Arts staff members space working remotely in compliance through the State that Michigan"s stay-at-home order. You may reach us by call our normal office number (313) 841-4765 or reaching out toinfo