Linda Lee Johnson, writer of the text of this singing (along v David that wrote Psalm 8) was born in Seattle, Washington. She has lived on the West shore most of she life.

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As the 2001, she stayed in Castro Valley, California, v her husband Bruce, superintendent that Redwood Christian Schools. I’m guessing that they are retired now.

She has actually two grown children and three grandchildren. She started writing lyrics in 1978, working mostly with composer Tom Fettke (who likewise wrote the music come this song.)

This is the story around Tom Fettke and also the two collaborated top top this song.

I discovered a story by Tom Fettke on the writing of this song. Linda Lee Johnson to be a member that the choir in a church whereby he to be Minister that Music. He it was observed potential in her due to the fact that of a Sunday School regimen she emerged earlier and asked her to put the words of Psalm 8 (his favorite) right into singable form. She didn’t share his confidence in her, but took increase the difficulty and came with with what he considered to it is in the greatly finalized lyrics, after ~ a pair of main he had actually some struggles finishing the music, however took some stylistic impetus from the piece, Moses by Ken Medema that helped him complete it after it had actually been resting in a drawer for awhile. After this piece, Linda and Tom collaborated top top a number of choral pieces.

Be certain to listen to this plan sung top top YouTube. That is various from most due to the fact that it sung by one all male group, yet I found it come be many helpful because it helped me emphasis on the words, no the instruments.

Can’t you snapshot David, the Psalmist, sitting out watching sheep, writing these words as He worships God?

When i gaze into the night sky, and also see the work-related of your fingers. The moon and also stars rely in space. yet what is man that You room mindful the him? you have provided man a crown the glory and honor. and also have made that a tiny lower 보다 the angels. You have put that in charge of every creation; The beasts the the field, the bird of the air, the fish that the sea. however what is man, oh, what is man the You are mindful that him?

O Lord, ours God the majesty and also glory of her name Transcends the earth and also fills the heavens. O Lord, our God tiny children worship Him perfectly. and also so would certainly we, and so would we. Alleluia, Alleluia. The majesty and glory of your name! Alleluia, Alleluia.

words by Linda Lee Johnson, Psalm 8 music through Tom Fettke

Meanwhile, think around who this God is that David is worshipping as he wrote in Psalm. 8.

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Creator, Sustainer the His Creation,Gives high worth to humans,We are greater than animals, lower than angels.He puts united state in authority over the animal kingdom.God is majestic and glorious.He transcends (is grander than it all) all approximately Him.He is for this reason worthy of ours worship and also praise.