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Cubs in five - The mountain Goats

The stars room gonna spell out the answer to tomorrow’s crosswords.

they’re gonna discover intelligent life up there on the moonand the canterbury tales will certainly shoot up to the top of the best seller listand remain there because that 27 weeks

and the chicago cubs will beat every team in the leagueand the tampa just bucs will certainly make it the way to januaryand i will love girlfriend again

The Chicago Cubs have actually not won a World collection since 1908. Ns don’t doubt that this number is wrong and also someone will certainly correct however I promise, ns checked, i did my best. Ns live in Chicago and also the Cubs have actually not won a World series since 1908 and nobody ever before lets united state forget about it, not really. The is a constant. The Chicago Cubs will never go to the promised land however we have actually this song around them rather so it’s alright, ns guess.

This tune is uncomplicated and I to be loath to complicate it, truly. The is a thing of beautiful simplicity:“I will certainly not love you again,” the says.“But nothing is ever truly impossible and also so maybe, as soon as these various other deeply impossible things come to pass, then maybe. Perhaps something will certainly come of us.” Those deeply difficult things will never ever really happen. I mean, we all understand that. The Bucs won the Superbowl in 2002, 7 years after this track was written, and I guess: v that’s a miraculous thing, but the Cubs will never ever win a people Series. I still don’t love you. I still don’t love you. Ns will never really love friend again. I love the room inside the this beautiful simple bitter tiny song for possibility and I love the immediate denial of the possibility, too. Maybe, just maybe? Nah. Probably not.

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the stars space gonna spell the end the answers come tomorrow’s crosswordsand the phillips corporation will certainly admit that they’ve do an awful mistakeand invoice gateswill solitary handedly spearhead the sky seventeen revival

The deeply complex nature of love is tantamount to so plenty of absurd things and also we to compare it come stars and suns and also all kinds of things. I listen come a lot of of nation music radio and the analogies space incredible: You be my glass that wine, I’ll be her shot that whisky.We are constantly trying to find ways to describe how we feel around people without speaking in entirely incoherent sentences. We finish up speak in totally incoherent sentence anyway, even to couch our lack of love. Think that the immensity of this things. We’re gonna discover intelligent life up there on the moon. Think around that, that glimmer that far-fetched, practically hysterical hope, deeply coutched in cycnicism yet maybe expect nonetheless: the stars room gonna spell out the answers to tommorrow’s crossword <…> and also I will certainly love friend again. I will certainly love you, like i offered to love you.I mean, what if? Stranger things have happened. We’re gonna find intelligent life ~ above the moon someday. The Bucs did victory the Superbowl. The Cubs will never win a series. This is an uncomplicated song and truly, truly, i don’t want to do it complicated. That is a learning smile and a bitterness laugh and also a real‘fuck you’ come all residents of Chicago and I love it, ns love it.