It walk Halle Berry or hallelujah/Pick ya poison, tell me what friend doin"/Everybody gon" respect the shooter/But the one in front of the gun stays forever" -Kendrick Lamar feat. Jay absent "Money Trees"

Kendrick Lamar"s a cold cat, ain"t he? (I know, I recognize - old people slang alert)

Such a memorable and relevant phrase in the song given the recent rash the violence that has plagued mine hometown that Cleveland, Ohio and also hit as well close to house for my liking.In current weeks, there"s been teenagers rioting at the world"s largest indoor amusement park, disregarding the livelihoods that parents and children, let alone themselves. Climate there was a shootout not much from whereby my mother worksbetween people driving up and also down a residential street, the scene playing out choose something out of an activity movie. This plot of violence declared the resides of a 15-year old boy and also a Cleveland State college adjunct professor captured in the crossfire.

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While reading the news reports of each story, and also the comments and social media chatter about them, ns talked v my Talented 6 brothers about why this is happening. Is the people coming to an end? Is this present generation the youth lost? us kicked around a few causes and feasible explanations, yet none of us could concerned a consensus.

And then I got to thinking - does death even matter to human being anymore? execute we actually mourn those killed by senseless plot of violence, or do we usage their death as a communication to garner attention towards our own agendas? when we speak "RIP," room we actually wishing the their souls rest peacefully forever in heaven, or is it just something renowned to short article on social media? Why isn"t the life the a other human gift valued as much as our own?

I"m not one because that rhetorical statements, therefore here"s what i figured out. Us live in a human being full of world dealing with deep-rooted and also often times, unaddressed problems of insecurity and vulnerability. Now these concerns could be the result of several various factors; non-traditional upbringing, absence of structure in the household, an setting non-conducive to success or possibly its all that got-dang hippity hoppity music (sound the old civilization slang alert one more time.) every little thing the instance may be, it"s led to too many civilization who were elevated under these problems to consciousness life in a negative, hateful and invaluable manner.

Insecure boys masquerading as guys trying come prove themselves to instigating parties that don"t care about their well-being, leading to those boys to go to too much measures to enforce your manhood. Children afraid of gift left out joining cliques, sets and gangs to feeling a component of something currently feel compelled to protect it at every costs, especially if placing it on social media as a hashtag or throwing increase hand indications in photos isn"t enough. Add in all kinds of influences from the current popular music, and these shed souls think it"s cool to imitate lyrics filled through careless medicine use, rampant violence and also disrespect come women. Recognize that I"m no "blaming" any type of one thing prefer some people love come do. I"m simply observing behaviors and constructing feasible hypotheses. IT"S SCIENCE!! *Bill Nye the Science male voice*

This is just how we finish up v hundreds of teenagers engaged in a public location "bang-out" and also people driving around town shooting at each various other in large daylight. We should do much better in our communities to encourage an ext positive actions from these at-risk youth; more empowerment and less judgement from united state talented and successful people is crucial to your future. And a adjust in behavior an initial requires a change in mindset, particularly with regards to exactly how we check out life and also death. There is no glory in acquisition someone"s life, no matter exactly how attractive trap music provides it sound. Murderers are cowards - point blank period. Whenever I view someone exclaiming because that the flexibility of your friend indigenous prison, i wish lock would"ve go as hard to aid steer them far from such disastrous consequences. I wish who could"ve stepped in and also encouraged that person to follow your inner talent quite than succumb come existential pressures that have actually now negatively influenced that person"s future.


I shed a cousin this mainly to an additional senseless action of violence. His surname was Jermaine Davis II and he was just 23 years old. He"s my aunt"s husband"s nephew and their extended family is much like blood come me and also my small but nuclear relatives. I never met Jermaine in person, but my uncle was so proud that him having actually the chance to play department 1 basketball at LaSalle university in Philadelphia and also Texas southern University in Houston. Around a month ago, we talked for the first time, as I to be trying to get him a job at my previous employer. I was looking forward to connecting through him in ~ the family members reunion this summer and getting to recognize him better. He wasn"t in the roadways or affiliated in any kind of mess, yet unfortunately to be a bystander who became a target. His small brother was additionally injured in the altercation, and I pray for his speedy restore as difficult as i am praying because that his mother and other expanded family throughout this make the efforts time.

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Jermaine"s name will certainly live forever, and also I hope that justice prevails in detect the human responsible. Yet please recognize that life is valuable, and that fatality still go matter; don"t wait till it access time close to house to execute something around it. RIP Jermaine, we"re every going to miss you dearly.