When i was a child – I live for the basic pleasures: Cookies and also milk, cheating in ~ Duck Hunt, and also waking increase on Saturday mornings to clock cartoons. One of my fondest memories farming up was religiously the town hall a tiny show we all recognize an love dubbed Captain Planet.

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For those who may have actually missed the boat, the simple plot the Captain earth was as follows: 5 adolescents wore one-of-a-kind rings that granted castle “the strength of the earth” – when they linked their powers they summoned “Earth’s best champion” – additionally known as Captain Planet. Captain P and also the Planeteers would certainly then embark on miscellaneous adventures come rid words of crime, pollution, and also hate.

Most importantly, the display featured the voice the Lavar Burton, of Star Trek and also Reading Rainbow call (and who doesn’t love reading Rainbow, right?)

So, mine friends and also I would certainly sit around and watch this awesome-ness and also then, that course, would reenact the illustration the remainder of the day, usually finding something to break.

We all had our favorite personalities – there was Kwame (Earth), Wheeler (Fire), Linka (Wind), Gi (Water), and finally Ma-Ti (Heart).

Some vital things come note:

I was and always will be Wheeler. Why? due to the fact that blowing shit increase and setup people top top fire is awesome.Ma-Ti, through the power of “Heart” (basically making negative guys check out the error of your ways) was SUPER LAME. Imagine one 8 year old running approximately the backyard pointing at people and telling lock to be nice. Yeah, definitely not together cool as pretending to set everyone top top fire.

But looking earlier at united state running approximately as kids, and thinking around the faithful Planeteers, I’m reminded of a an important lesson.

The lesson? You can’t do every little thing on your own. There room times in her life once you have to put her “rings” together to summon Captain Planet.

We frequently forget about the strength of community and also collaboration. i preach the beauty of both often. Ma-Ti may have had actually a super-lame power, but he to be the absent that hosted the Planeteers together. There is no heart, the remainder of the team would have actually been a bunch of anarchists setting fire to forests and tearing down cities with substantial earthquakes. Ma-Ti carried the team together – something the is absolutely command in any type of endeavor.

Can you begin a organization on your own? Of course – however odds are, girlfriend are lacking in part areas and also another human might have the ability to offer something the ensures maximum efficiency and profitability. The same can be said for a blog, a project, anything.

In this day and age, it’s important to it is in multi-talented, however even more important come be excellent at SOMETHING, rather than “ok” at a many things. If fire is your “it”, awesome! If her forte is wind, climate be the ideal you deserve to be at that one thing. Gift the finest at everything isn’t possible. The Planeteers taken that they each carried something beneficial (not to mention cool) to the table – however that eventually – together, they could truly be champions.

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We each have a distinct power. Ma-Ti may not have been together cool, yet he understood his value to the greater good – friend gotta’ have actually “heart”.