More accurately, the touring stage present The Price is ideal Live! will swing through the state at an early stage next year, offering anyone who registers — not simply paying audience members — the possibility to take component in The Price is Right without actually having actually to go to Studio 33.

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The Price is best Live! will be at Mystic Lake march 10-13, 2022, the casino and hotel announced Thursday. During the live phase show, randomly selected contestants will acquire to take part in assorted Price is Right games, such together Plinko, Cliffhangers, Showcases and more. 

These contestants are able to win cash and prizes.

 (The site guarantees a "celebrity host" for every show, despite no particular names space mentioned)

Tickets for the shows (five in all) room $29 apiece, if you want to watch the entirety thing. Yet anyone can get in into the random drawing that will identify contestants. 

To throw your name in the hat, you need to display up on-site and register prior to the show, also if friend don't have actually a ticket. Organizers will begin taking entries three hrs prior, no earlier. You need to be 18 year old, show an ID and also fill the end a registration.

So over there you go. Now, instead of yelling in ~ the TV as soon as contestants make screw up make Your move or let 'Em Roll, you can go shot it yourself and also show everybody exactly how it's done.


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Come top top down: "Price is ideal Live" is coming to Minnesota

The touring version of the standard game display will be here in 2020.