Today, ns turned on my PC and also for some factor my internet link was disabled. The turned out that the realtek network controller to be “not found” for part reason. Here’s why dancing sometimes helps to settle random computer system problems.

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Apparently, Realtek has actually an problem with the “Deep sleep” mode. The deep sleep mode permits computers come deactive devices to save power. Obviously, the is a very bad idea for network controllers which need to never it is in disabled. In some cases, Windows will no longer be able to find the network adapter ~ entering the deep sleep mode.

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Windows could not discover a driver for your network adapter

When you run the home windows 7 troubleshooter, it says “Windows could not find a driver for her network adapter“. Obviously, this can additionally happen as soon as you space using an yes, really old network adapter and Windows really doesn’t have actually a driver because that it, then all you must do is to gain the driver indigenous the manufacturer, yet that can likewise be problematic since some might no much longer exist.
The home windows troubleshooter also says, “The Realtek Network Controller Was not Found. If Deep Sleep setting is allowed Please Plug the Cable.” And that’s in fact a very helpful piece of advice together you will see.

Solution To absent (Realtek) Network Controller

So, you revolve on your PC and also the network controller is not even listed in the an equipment manager? Here’s the solution.

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1. Step turn off the PC, unplug the strength cable!2. Step carry out a power dance for 10 minutes and finish it through a backflip! (No, I’m simply kidding, simply wait for part time)3. Step rotate on the PC and you’ll view that the network controller is functioning again. It’s magic!4. Step IMPORTANT: To prevent this trouble in the future, make certain to disallow the computer to turn off devicesThe reason why this works is the some info are stored in her motherboard battery even after shutting under the computer. Also, to reset the network controller you must unplug the power or it will certainly remember the “device status”. It gets a lot more technical and there are much more reasons why this works, yet let’s keep this simple.

Still Doesn’t Work? inspect For Corrupt mechanism Files!

The network controller should then be detailed in your device manager again. If the still does no work, ns recommend to examine your mechanism files, probably some that them room corrupt. I always use sfc.exe because that that, find out more about the home windows System file Checker here: Repair mechanism files

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