Season 15 illustration 19 - execute As I carry out

Harold loser the church and also decides to get married in ~ the Lodge with Red as minister. Air date : 7th-Apr-2006

Season 15 illustration 1 - rules of Engagement

Harold has broken up v Bonnie for this reason Red tries to do him feel better by pairing up with him for a white water gyeongju in a two-man kayak Red do from washing machines. Bill and Winston gain injured trying the end a batting cage. Red makes his vehicle pothole-proof. Mike tries to guess words "mistakes" in words Game. Red demonstrates a method to drive v no hands, and also a cheat to help you discover your car keys. Air date : 28th-Oct-2005Read More

Season 15 episode 2 - The people Art Convention

Red feels that the Lodge have the right to make money by make objects of folk art and selling them at the regional convention. Red considerably increases the speech of his car by making use of a toilet as a carburetor. Bill, Winston and also Dalton have actually a three-man ATV race. Ed Frid walk for the word "fuzzy" in the word Game. Valley Brackston brings his slot cars come Harold"s understanding House. Red offers an extension ladder to pick up a hefty bench and also makes a dolly out of beer bottles. Air date : 4th-Nov-2005Read More

Season 15 illustration 3 - Mr. Clean

Trying come beat Caribou Lodge in the ratings because that tourist resorts, Red and also the males do a enormous clean-up of the Lodge. Red invents a means to reduced the lawn automatically. Mike reflects them exactly how to do a camp shower. Dalton walk for the word "listen" in the word Game. Red provides a fragrant candle the end of car drippings and a super-sized windshield washer indigenous a fire hose. Air date : 11th-Nov-2005Read More

Season 15 episode 4 - No call Boatel

Red buys a motel cheap, then finds out it doesn"t encompass the land and he has to move it off the property. That decides to turn it right into a cruise ship. Ed Frid brings a entirety bunch the bees for his Talking animals segment. Red builds a sound-proof van. Bill and Winston shot some wind-up airplanes. Valley Brackston tries come guess words "exercise" in the word Game. Red invents a space-saver table and also converts a juke box into a video game. Air date : 18th-Nov-2005Read More

Season 15 episode 5 - cell Hell

Red it s okay a bunch of totally free cell phones and tries to make them occupational without signing up for cellular service. Graham green is featured as Edgar Montrose presenting his understanding of flattening items on the train tracks. Red provides arena lights together high beams. Mike, Ed and also Dalton have actually a Yoga lesson. Red offers tricks to make the Possum van appear to be skin rubber. Ed Frid tries come guess words "heat" in the word Game. Red alerts couples ~ above the usage of sarcasm. Air date : 25th-Nov-2005Read More

Season 15 episode 6 - dare Blanche

Reacting come the high price the gasoline, the guys switch to electrical golf carts. Red renders a motorcycle look choose a vehicle so your wife will certainly let you have actually one. Bill has an adventure after ~ dropping his watch under a well. Red make the efforts to make a car run top top elastic power. Dalton Humphrey tries to guess words "hop". The fishermen have a discussion on same sex marriage. Air day : 2nd-Dec-2005Read More

Season 15 episode 7 - brand-new Yorkshire Puddings

Red discovers Yorkshire puddings and decided to open up a quick food Yorkshire pudding outlet. Red switch an autoharp right into a bread slicer. Bill, Winston and Ed have actually a bird watching adventure. Red counter a city bus into a house addition. Mike Hamar tries to guess words "hug". Red uses handyman devices for preparing food. Air day : 9th-Dec-2005Read More

Season 15 episode 8 - exit Stag ideal

Red and also the boys arrangement a surprised stag for Harold. Red provides a man-sized lawn torch the end of birdbath. Ed Frid tries to guess words "bond" in the word game. Red transforms an old vapor press right into a fat-free grill. The men have actually a sailboat race. Red makes ice cream in a washing machine. Glen Brackston offers advice on diet and also exercise. Air day : 30th-Dec-2005Read More

Season 15 illustration 9 - mad You Say?

Red it s okay a side of beef at sight cheap and Harold doubt it dead the foolish cow virus. Red makes a cannon out of a rubbish can, a bowling ball and also a personal airbag. Bill turns placing out a campfire into an adventure. Red creates a robot valet. Mike Hamar tires come guess the word "team". Red devises a simple means to temporarily display pictures of relatives once they visit. Air date : 6th-Jan-2006Read More

Season 15 episode 10 - No location Like The residence

Old male Sedgwick"s boy is do the efforts to put him right into a home and also Red intervenes to stop it. Edgar Montrose tries to guess words "passion" in the word Game. Red uses furnace ducts as car exhaust pipes. The anglers discuss man-made intelligence. Bill and also Winston shot to cross the lake ~ above stilts. Red makes a muffin gun. Likewise a handyman guideline on clean the junk out of your yard without obtaining rid that it. Air day : 13th-Jan-2006Read More

Season 15 illustration 11 - Flying remote

Red supplies some unforeseen cash to put on an wait Show yet when he"s refuse a permit, the tries to fool the group with model airplanes. Ed Frid brings a black bear to talking Animals. Red uses a water wheel to power a car. Bill has actually an adventure through ropes. Mike tries to guess words "back" in the word game. Red invents a vehicle deodorizer and a way to prevent your guests from using as well much hot water. Air day : 20th-Jan-2006Read More

Season 15 illustration 12 - The enlarge The far better

Jealous of harbor Asbestos having actually the world"s biggest marshmallow, Red and also the males decide to have actually the world"s biggest crayons by paint all the silos. Bill and Mike rotate a video game of squash right into an adventure. Red provides a personal air bag to fit on his hat. Dalton tries to guess words "purse" in the word Game. Red supplies the doors and hood the his auto like flaps on one airplane. Red likewise suggests creatuive means to recycle old VHS cassettes. Air date : 27th-Jan-2006Read More

Season 15 episode 13 - The large Retreat

A group of CEO"s have actually a reatreat at Possum Lodge and also as it transforms out they"re every women. Red customizes a automobile so he have the right to drive standing up. Ed Frid brings a jumping frog to talk Animals. Bill freaks out as soon as he finds pieces of wood absent from everything. Red imagine a technique of moving cold drinks from shore to his fishing boat. Winston tries to guess words "second" in words Game. Red offers a diving helmet and a vacuum cleaner to open a bag of snacks. Air day : 3rd-Feb-2006Read More

Season 15 illustration 14 - Rites Of passage

The men gain into a fight over public access to Possum Lake waterfront and also decide to work out it through a tank. Red turns a van into a substantial accordion. Bill has an adventure v a bat. Mike tries to guess words "profit" in the word Game. Red comes up through an easy means to seed her lawn. Ed Frid bring his pet traps to Harold"s understand House. Red creates a bad man"s gps system. Air date : 3rd-Mar-2006Read More

Season 15 illustration 15 - Sasquatch

Red supplies Harold as bait as he hunts for the elusive Sasquatch. The males play versus a team of kids in an indoor soccer game. Red cleans a sink through gunpowder. Bonnie tries come guess words "man" in words Game. Red builds his very own fuel-efficient smart car. Red devises a means to fish as soon as you"re a long method from the lake. Air day : 10th-Mar-2006Read More

Season 15 episode 16 - Rain male

Faced with a drought, Red tries to create rain by seeding the clouds through chemicals making use of a homemade cannon. Winston brings his china arsenal to Harold"s understanding House. Ed, Mike and also Bill revolve escaping bugs into an adventure. Red creates a macho-looking seat belt so guys will undertake it. Dalton tries to guess the word "flowers" in words Game. Red renders a computer desk and also chair the end of old appliances. Air day : 17th-Mar-2006Read More

Season 15 episode 17 - Love Is In The waiting

A labeling mix-up between pet musk and after shave reasons Harold a most grief when he go to meet his fiance"s family. Red provides up ~ above parallel parking and also tries his hand in ~ perpendicular parking. Bill helps Red clear the tree that have grown roughly an abandoned boat. Mike tries to guess the word "parent" in the word Game. Red counter an electrical blanket into a table warmer and also makes a spill-proof submarine sandwich. Air date : 24th-Mar-2006Read More

Season 15 illustration 18 - toe The heat

Red and Harold finish up together a pair competing in a line dancing contest. Red turns a sedan auto into a hideaway hardtop. Mike brings his crucial collection come Harold"s understand House. Red supplies men"s fascination v an open car hood to obtain guys to babysit. Ed Frid tries come guess the word "gross" in the word Game. Bill over-inflates a soccer ball so the video game can be played through vehicles. Red offers an commercial vacuum cleaner to remove bees. Air date : 31st-Mar-2006Read More

Season 15 episode 19 - perform As I carry out

Harold loses the church and decides to gain married in ~ the Lodge with Red together minister. Air day : 7th-Apr-2006Read More

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