We pointed out yesterday top top twitter that we were re-evaluating our connection with Kickstarter. ~ a an extensive discussion, right here is our official position.

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We completely support the legal rights of all workers to organize and kind unions, and we trust that this was no a flippant decision by Kickstarter’s employees.

We have been very torn on the idea of involvement a Kickstarter boycott (both as creators and as backers). ~ above the one hand, we are not comfortable through the idea that any type of amount that the money that we raise because that our projects can be used to quash or suppress the civil liberties of Kickstarter’s employees. On the other hand, we acknowledge that any kind of sort that boycott reasons a comprehensive amount of damage to our other creators (and even the employee themselves). Kickstarter itself just receives 5% of every pledge. That method that for every $10 pledge the is cancelled or no made in the an initial place, Kickstarter just loses out on 50¢ if the creator loses the end on more than $9. For a creator, the $9,000 they get from a $10,000 project is everything, while because that Kickstarter, their $500 reduced isn’t even a round off error.

We assistance Kickstarter’s employees and also we will listen and also take our cues indigenous them on how best to assist them in their efforts. In a recent statement ~ above Kickstarter United’s twitter account (
ksr_united), the nascent union made that clear that they are not calling for a boycott. Therefore, unless or until the union changes its position, us will continue with ours plans come launch our upcoming tasks on Kickstarter, and we will proceed to support tasks that beginning on Kickstarter.

However, we also recognize that some members the our community may feel differently. We desire to empower our pendant to be able to choose, for themselves, even if it is or not Kickstarter have to receive 5% of your pledge, without the decision gift tied to even if it is or no they support our project.

Beginning through our following project (Sketches & Shenanigans), we will certainly be co-launching our jobs on both Kickstarter and also Indegogo, and also the pledges indigenous both sources will be merged when determining things choose stretch score unlocks. We room working on a collection of devices to do coordinating our projects throughout multiple platforms a small easier. We plan to do these devices freely available to fellow creators.

Amber & DéjaThe Rook & The Raven

September 29, 2019


We assistance workers’ rights and also stand through Kickstarter’s employeesWe want to proceed to support fellow creators and also Kickstarter’s employeesUnless or until Kickstarter unified calls for a boycott, we will certainly not boycott the platformWe plan co-launch future tasks on both Kickstarter and Indegogo in bespeak to authorize our supporters to make their very own decisionsWe are creating tools to aid us coordinate throughout platforms and will do those publicly available for fellow creators



Kickstarter United

(1/2) every one of us arranging with KSRU are committed to the mission that Kickstarter, and will proceed to support creators at this time on the platform and in ours alumni network. We room not call on creators who depend on Kickstarter to abandon live or planned projects.7:06 to be – 13 Sep 2019

(2/2) that said, us deeply appreciate the assistance from our community. The occupational we are doing is not just in business of employees, yet the artists, makers, and backers transparent the Kickstarter ecosystem. We’re all in this together.

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7:43 to be – 13 Sep 2019

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