I just thought about this: what if the villains arrangement isn't to release one overlord, but every one of them in ~ once. So rather of do the efforts to fulfill the release problems for every one, lock instead try to destroy or incapacitate the silver Flame for enough time therefore the overlords deserve to be freed. Go this make any kind of sense?


Hey, your concern sounds like the root of one amazing campaign idea! It's your Eberron, so it absolutely makes sense to damage the silver- Flame, if you want it to. If i were to run a campaign where among the Lords of Dust wants to extinguish the silver Flame, here's exactly how I'd perform it:

Your rogue is going come need accessibility to some type of Eldritch Machine, and also they're going to desire a selection of rare reagents and planar problems to run it. They may be structure this an equipment themselves, manipulating someone into building it for them, or possibly they're just restoring an ancient relic native the age of Demons. In ~ the bare minimum, they will need:

A substantial number of Siberys dragonshards of superior purity. These will serve as the focus of the Eldritch Machine's power. If her Lord the Dust villain has a contact in the Aurum or the Twelve, he can surely pull part strings to get the required materials.

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Khyber dragonshards, again in significant volume. These will certainly be provided as a binding agent, and can it is in procured with the normal channels. Maybe if who the party trusts could be manipulated into sending them on a mining expedition... Then those pesky heroes can do your difficult work for you.

The maker should be developed in one Irian manifest zone if Irian is coterminous. You'll have to harness the outflow of life indigenous Irian for factors I'll define in a moment. The manifest zone guarantee you have accessibility to ample hopeful energy.

You'll likewise want a Mabaran manifest zone, and again I'll define why in a moment. A region with both Mabaran and Irian manifest zones is absolutely rare, though you may be able to locate such a ar in Aerenal. If so, take into consideration how her Lord of Dust is preventing detection by the Undying Court. Possibly they're manipulating a Councilor? of course, such a planar conjuction can occur anywhere, maybe one of the scholars at Arcanix could aid you guess it? Or maybe a dragon the the Chamber...

Xoriat must be coterminous. This is where it gets an especially tricky, since courtesy of the Gatekeeper Druids Xoriat cannot come to be coterminous unless the dimensional seals binding the Daelkyr room broken. Such an undertaking would hazard exposing your Rakshasa's schemes come a particular band the adventurers, so maybe use this as your low-level plot hook: Cults the the Dragon below are rising up en masse and also working come break enough planar seals come let energy from Xoriat seep right into the material Plane, someone have to stop them!

This Eldritch maker will send a rise of positive power backwards in time via Xoriat, resurrecting the Couatl at the precise moment of their sacrifice and preventing the silver Flame from ever before being created. The an equipment will then tie the Couatl within the Khyber shards and plunge them into Mabar come extinguish your light for good. If the silver- Flame never ever existed, climate the overlords were never bound, and the period of Demons never ended. Of course, the activation the this maker will be the epic conclusion of her campaign, and also your players have the right to stop it in a number of ways:

Delaying the an equipment from lug activated until the planar conjuction has passed. It will be an additional hundred centuries before these problems occur again, so the danger is effectively defeated.

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Traveling back in time and also saving the Couatl in the past. Possibly your heroes end up being the champions who inspired the myths that the Sovereign hold in the very first place?

Failing to protect against the device doesn't average the project is over! all of the emperors are loosened and a brand-new Age that Demons has come, however now the players have to gather the materials needed to develop an Eldritch an equipment of their own, and collection right what when went wrong!

The possibilities for this story space pretty much endless, and what I've detailed here is just a handful of them. Feel complimentary to take any, all, or none of this for your very own use and/or inspiration.