“Whatever occurred to Randolph Scott” is the location of a song tape-recorded by the Statler Brothers and also written through Don Reid and also Harold Reid, members the the to sing group. It asks the question, “Where have all the heroes of the past gone?”

As i was farming up, everyone looked front to Saturday night. After 6 days of difficult work, households usually go something for entertainment top top Saturday nights. They visited neighbors, got together to play music or games, went to square dances, attended ar festivals and participated in many activities. Among the favorite things for my parents and many rather to carry out on a Saturday night to be to walk to the movies.

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We were lucky in mine area to have two theaters near by, one in Carrollton, north of us, and one in Scio, southern of us. Both theater showed very early movie, then another one and then repeated the early one. Farmer busy with planting and also harvesting, or cows come milk had actually to plan to acquire there for the 2nd show and the replay the the very first one. Over there was always something indigenous the news or a cartoon in between shows.

For mine family and also many others, the favorites were the westerns. Cowboys choose Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, Audie Murphy, man Wayne, Lash LaRue and much more came riding in on Saturday nights to assist the ranchers and towns v their troubles, litter the crooks in jail, develop law and also order, conserve the damsel in distress and also then castle rode off into the sunset till the following Saturday night.

They come riding on special horses, pull in an elaborate western outfits, six guns in the holsters on your gun belts and also usually wearing their white cowboy hats to let us understand that they to be “the great guys”. The “baddies” commonly wore black hats.

One that my favourite western heroes was Randolph Scott. The wasn’t rather as famous as Roy Rogers and his horse, Trigger, Gene Autry and his equine Champion or man Wayne, who rode several equines including Duke, Steel, Dollor, Banner and Zip Cochise.

He speak a beautiful dark palomino horse with a flowing blonde mane and also tail and also a white blaze in that is face. I just recently found out that his horse’s surname was Stardust. He no wear a white hat, in fact his cap was brown and constantly look a tiny “crumpled”, yet he is quiet a favourite of mine together I watched him on late night television. These Saturday night cowboys to be our heroes. They were brave men, they were honest, they believed in the laws, they respected women and they battled the “bad guys” so our country would it is in a much better place for everyone.

Our country needs heroes and also I think there are many heroes out there, both men and women. They no in the movies and we just don’t hear enough around them in the media. I am so happy to see and also hear about the human being who understand the fact of the difficulties in ours country and are trying come make things better.

I am glad to check out them speak out and running for political office. The civilization we have to be do the laws and also decisions because that our country should it is in the ones who are raising families and facing the realities of day-to-day living, veterans who understand what the is prefer to be in a war, civilization who deserve to understand the countless different problems challenged by farmers, doctors, nurses, construction workers, tiny business owners and also every other person that it s okay up in the morning and faces day-to-day life.

This country needs heroes that deserve to make civilization listen and get involved and we, the people, have to hear an ext about them and also know the they are out there. We have many world who space trying their finest to set things right, however, it is one uphill battle and we require to come to be involved and also show our assistance for them.

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They space seeking justice for our country, simply as our west heroes did. Lock don’t need to come speak in on one-of-a-kind horses, undertake cowboy outfits, bring six guns or stay white hats. However, it might help us to have a little an ext faith in their honesty and confidence in their capacity to change things if some of them wore cowboy boots!

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