The minute we’ve every been dreading has finally come. Season 6 the the endeavor Brothers has finally pertained to a close. However, instead of mourning the finish of new Venture episodes, I would much rather memory the glorious illustration that we all had the pleasure to watch.

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An unfamiliar man gradually opens his eyes. He is in a dark and also filthy bathroom wearing soiled clothing, one fish eye chained to a pipe. “What’s walking on? Let me out of here!” he begs, his voice rising into hysterics.

He wheels around and spots a fellow prisoner also chained to a urinal. “Oh geez, what room you screaming about?” that asks, rubbing his eyes. He suddenly realizes his pants are gone and joins his cellmate in screaming. “Help! Let us out the here!”

21 is washing the Morpho mobile in the Morpho cave when his ceo enters, offering good news and bad news. The Monarch’s negative news is that his marriage is falling apartment and also he’s jerking turn off to hentai because he’s lonely and unable to attach with actual people. The good news is the the Guild is in sequester for this reason the Blue Morpho have the right to strike again!

21 doesn’t want to do any kind of more Morpho arching, together he is still injured from your last few adventures. King says that over there are only two much more villains left between them and their sole endeavor arching rights, so they should persevere.

One of those two remaining villains is Red Death, whose is known for his lethal once-a-year arching missions and also terrifying demeanor. 21 insists the they won’t be able to take under such a legendary villain, and the king angrily tells him he will just do the himself.

A familiar face sits ~ above a bench in central Park. Hunter Gathers, whom us haven’t seen in a lengthy while (and who I’ve to let go dearly), is feeding the birds when he is approached through Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, badly disguised in a black color trench coat, beret, and sunglasses. (Can I simply say how much I’ve to let go the MAC Pink Poodle lipstick top top her? ns love the brand-new dark red, however the pink is together a Sheila classic.)

The 2 exchange part strange back-and-forth before getting confused and giving up on the password phrases they previously emailed about. Dr. Mrs. Asks him if the is willing to agree to your deal, and Hunter agrees that the OSI will aid the Guild through their sting as long as their assist stays off-the-record.

Brock lowers the newspaper native his challenge from his seat on the various other side that Hunter on the bench. “You guarantee the Venture’s safety?” the asks. “One-hundred percent guaranteed,” Dr. Mrs. The monarch promises. She shares with the guys that the Morpho’s following target is Red Death, together he is the next villain booked to arch Venture. Phantom Limb philosophies the bench speak in code, and also Brock compliments the on his hat, i beg your pardon is the same as his.

The prisoners in the bathroom shot to use broken pipes to break their chains. When aiming because that the chain, one prisoner accidentally hits his cellmate’s hand with the pipeline instead and breaks one of his fingers. The victim insists the he pull on his dislocated finger to reset the bone, and also he resists because he think its a setup come a fart joke. He ultimately agrees come pull the finger to resolve the break, and the pains of having his finger reset causes his cellmate to fart. The course.

Nearby at the playground, a “Best Dad”-hatted Monarch ideologies Red fatality on the bench together he city hall his daughter play. Red death points out his daughter, the only child in the park who additionally has a skull face and also bright red skin.

The Monarch slowly takes a gun the end of his diaper bag when Red death suddenly addresses that by name. “You understand who ns am?! You’ve heard that the Mighty Monarch?!”, the monarch asks eagerly. Red Skull tells him that he is a large fan that his arching work, and the monarch is flattered.

Red Skull grips Monarch’s shoulder and warns him to keep his occupational separate native his an individual life. That threatens that a man can do terrible things once he’s lost his way.

In the lobby that the endeavor building, hatred yells in ~ a crowd of Guild and OSI members to go no further. They overlook him and also continue to the elevators. Hatred’s injuries protect against him indigenous doing anything other than beg the intruders to stop. Brock tells him to lock up and take the day off.

21 is sitting at the monarch mansion dining room table, check his phone call repeatedly. The monarch walks through the door and also 21 scolds him for being late for supper. “Who eats dinner at 4?” the king asks. “Supper! not dinner! Supper! I stated supper!” 21 yells angrily. It was no surprising to see this husband and wife dynamic in between the two, as Monarch and 21 flourished closer while Dr. Mrs. The Monarch was away on Guild business, and their marital bickering verified just just how much the Monarch family members has changed.

21 cannot remain angry through his boss after hearing that he spent the afternoon talking to Red Death. The Monarch says that Red death is both terrifying and an significant guy, so there is no method they have the right to kill him.

When finding out he has to climb the stairs to walk to the bathroom, Monarch pisses in the sink. Again. Because that the second time today.

Dr. Endeavor proves that he will never in his life learn to take a hint as he however again flirts with Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. She ignores him and yells for the OSI/Guild combo team to eliminate the civilians.

Watch and Ward room dressed as much as be the Hank and Dean decoys because that the sting. Hank doesn’t provide of your “Grand Funk Railroad”-esque undertaking costumes, and also instead offers them the iconic blue neckerchief and maroon sweater vest outfits – “Classic model Hank and also Dean!”

Brock and Shore Leave room playing rock-paper-scissors to watch who needs to guard the undertaking boys for the night. Shore leave loses because Brock insists that rock conquers both scissors and also paper. Shore leave is pull on up together Brock, complete with blond hair mullet wig, black color polo shirt, and green pants, offering me a intuitive I never ever knew ns needed.

Rusty, Pete, and also Billy leave to walk to Billy’s mom’s residence for the night. Billy tells Rusty the he can smuggle him out if he’s “feeling blue”, definition that also after the God Gas wore off, Billy’s belief that Doc is the Blue Morpho walk not.

In the bathroom, the two detainees argue over whether or not they need to eat the chicken dinner given to them. The blonde prisoner insists the the food is poison. He reveals that he has been trapped there for weeks and also survived by eating the target meat the the corpses the the other prisoners. You read that right. The target meat. He simply ate their butt cheeks.

In his bathroom, Red fatality gets all set for his once-a-year arching. His mam packs his dinner to-go, including a brownie.

Shore leaving (dressed as Brock) do the efforts to take it the venture boys to a night club yet finds that it has actually been adjusted into a mall. “Okay, arrangement B: We’re going to CBGB’s!”

Red fatality flies across the sky above them ~ above his satanic horse, screaming “Die, Dr. Venture!” Shore leave is past jealous the Brock it s okay to absent the legend villain’s ass when he’s top top babysitting duty and also wonders, “How come even when ns am Brock i still wish i was Brock?”

“That is something I have actually been living through my totality life,” responds Hank.

The Monarch and also 21 disguise themselves as Guild henchmen and also make a visit to Red Death’s house. They tell his mam he has actually been compromised and she and her daughter have to go to she mother’s house.

On the endeavor compound lawn, a young Rusty venture giggles and also pulls the action Man’s finger in ~ his request. Activity Man tricks Rusty and shows him that he pulled a pin out of the grenade the is holding instead of his finger. Activity Man throws the grenade towards Rusty’s dog Scamp and also Rusty throws self on optimal of that to save his pup. The grenade isn’t real and also only release a flag, yet the flag in which method goes right through little Rusty’s body, hitting his kidney.

The story is gift told about the table in ~ Billy’s mom’s house, whereby Doc, Billy, Pete, Rose, activity Man, and also Colonel Gentleman room eating veal piccata.

At the endeavor penthouse, every team members ~ above the Guild and OSI teams are in position. Red fatality arrives in ~ the rooftop, and is greeted by a decoy Team endeavor – Watch and Ward together Hank and also Dean, Hunter Gathers as Dr. Venture, and also best of all, Phineas Phage as HELPeR. Watch and Ward sneak in a classic “Go Team Venture!”, the only one of season 6. Brock plays himself.

The two detainees in the bathroom are drinking coffee and trying to figure out just how they acknowledge each other. They uncover that they space both supervillains, return only among them has real powers.

When it is clear that the Blue Morpho isn’t going to show, the OSI and also Guild teams, decoys, and Red death stop acting and also talk casually. Red death receives a speak to from the Blue Morpho telling him that his wife and kids have been kidnapped. That responds v a terrifying and spot-on impression the Liam Neeson’s Taken speech, i beg your pardon scares the Monarch so lot that he can only respond, “Oookay?” and also hang increase the phone.

At Rose’s house, Colonel Gentleman tells Billy and also Dr. Undertaking stories around the original Blue Morpho. That confirms that the first Morpho is absolutely dead. Both Gentleman and Rusty describe Pete together Billy’s “boyfriend”. (This led to me come AWW simply as loudly together it walk in the season 5 finale.)

The blonde sinner has ultimately turned ~ above his brand-new cellmate. He thinks this is what his captors desire him to do. The kills him v a metal pipe so he have the right to feed top top his butt.

Red fatality bursts with the wall surface of the Morpho cave on his horse. 21 and also the Monarch are hiding in their costume pods, and Red death finds castle immediately. They instantly reveal that his family members is at his mother-in-law’s and also beg him not to kill them.

“So why doesn’t the king tell me everything,” Red death says. “From the beginning.”

Dr. Venture exits the elevator to his penthouse together Dr. Mrs. The Monarch it s okay in. She is absolutely furious that the Blue Morpho stood she up and made she a fool in former of the Guild and also the OSI. “I to be going to walk look because that the Blue Morpho. I will find him and I will kill him MYSELF.”

Unfortunately, Dr. Mrs. Forgot to press the elevator button, therefore the doors don’t near after she speech and also her dramatic minute is ruined.

Dr. Venture walks out onto his deck to watch that a volleyball tournament of a good men vs. Bad guys is occurring in his pool. Hank is top top the negative guy team as Phantom Limb’s replacement. Doc provides to do Doctails because that everyone. Both teams cheer.

The Monarch speak to Red Death about his intense hatred for Venture. Red death tells Monarch he requirements to monitor the rules, but then also confesses the the only means he can get end his obsession to be to finally kill his arch nemesis. It will certainly be amazing to see exactly how this speak affects the Monarch’s actions and also motivations in season 7.

21 asks Red fatality if he ever feels guilt because that killing people, and also reveals that he has not actually been killing the supervillains on the endeavor arching list. He shows Monarch and Red fatality the bathroom wherein he locked them every up, and finds that the continuing to be prisoner has actually killed all of the others and also ate their butts. Red fatality kills him.

Monarch is angry at 21, however not since he didn’t death the villains. “Why didn’t friend tell me we had a bathroom under here?”

Up top top the highest rooftop overlooking the pool, an OSI and a Guild sharpshooter have been talking all night. In the post-credit scene, castle confess their love for each other. The OSI certified dealer takes off their helmet to reveal that they space actually female. The Guild certified dealer takes off his hat to expose that the optimal of his head is removed and also covered v a plastic dome v tubes coming out of it.

The very talented Clancy Brown voiced Red fatality in this episode. Friend may understand him native the current film Hail Caesar or from among his many voice acting roles, and you’ll absolutely recognize his face.

At first, ns was disappointed to watch that so little was fixed in this season finale. What about Hank and also Sirena?! exactly how is Dean law in school?! Is Dr. Mrs. Yes, really going to kill her husband?! WHY IS over there NO WARRIANA IN THIS EPISODE?!

However, I’ve discovered some lull in the diversity of loosened ends. The lack of resolution way we are absolutely getting one more season and also that few of that season is most likely written already! who on Reddit pointed out that among the reasons for the long wait between seasons 5 and 6 was as result of the change in scenery and every one of the new backgrounds and character designs the were needed. I don’t understand if this is accurate, yet if so, perhaps it will certainly be a slightly shorter wait between seasons 6 and also 7.

I’m not a endeavor fan who complains much about the long wait. There are constantly ways to keep busy in the undertaking fandom. Not just do we now have actually an entire brand-new season to rewatch to our hearts’ content, we additionally have new DVD comment to look front to in the future! Just think of all the new Venture cosplays that we will check out from this season! There’s for this reason much endeavor goodness come look front to in the future!

I’m going to write one more post about my overall feelings around season 6, so it is in on the lookout because that that!

Most of you know how much The undertaking Brothers means to me. I’ve made so plenty of friends and also had so plenty of incredible experiences with this show. The a cliche, but I deserve to honestly say the I would be a very different human being without the affect of Team undertaking (or in ~ the very least, ns wouldn’t have a busty butterfly-themed supervillainess tattooed top top my foot forever.)

When i looked at my blog stats, i was shocked to watch that so many of you visited yesterday, assumedly to check out my recap of the finale. It has been SO much funny writing around Season 6 and discussing it with all of you. I love this show and also I love this fandom. You have actually all made the 6+ hrs I invest on this every Monday fully worth it. Give thanks to you for reading.

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Team venture forever.

PS: My an individual favorite Shirt club shirt this season is obtainable this week! I might be slightly biased because I’m a Brock fan, but its a really good design. It will certainly be the critical shirt of the season therefore if you’re among the world who missed every one of the various other shirts girlfriend should certainly grab this one before its gone!