“Kid’s nation Songs & Dance” is available is available in two formats CD and Full CD Download.  Full CD Downloads come in a zip document with all of the songs and also a printable PDF v the whole CD booklet v lyrics and actions.

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Action, Sing-Along, Hoe-Down Fun!

Put on her western hats and boots for this toe-tappin’, knee-slappin’, dancin’, sing-a-along collection of songs, perfect for any shindig or jamboree. A delightful mix of original and traditional songs the overflow with nation charm, whimsical humor and also hootenanny, merry-time fun! absent up your nation heels with lively dances including, “Scootin’ dance Boogie”, “Knees Up mom Brown” and “Square dance Cadence”. Rejoice in unforgettable, heartwarming renditions that “You are My Sunshine” and also “Happy Trails come You”. Explore our beautiful country with a tune that rhymes every 50 states, patriotic favorites and also cherished classics like, “Froggy go a Courtin’”, “My Aunt came Back” and “I Love my Rooster”. A nation assortment of 18 tunes the is specific to become a treasured favorite. Includes 24 page booklet with lyrics and also dance movements.

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Author:The finding out Station

Don Monopoli, Laurie Monopoli and also Jan Hrkach room THE learning STATION. V a repertoire of 31 award-winning audio and video releases they have actually published over 400 children’s songs that are component of educational curriculum world-wide.

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