When working v Inheritance in C#, under certain circumstances, you could get an error message comparable to this: over there is no discussion given that corresponds to the forced formal parameter.

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Don’t worry, the above error can be conveniently resolved.

Let’s watch a full example, by first reproducing the error.

Reproducing the Error Message

Consider that you have actually a console application in C# that supplies inheritance, and also that you have actually the below base class:

//base classpublic course BaseClass int id; public BaseClass(int i) identifier = i; windy void baseClassMethod() Console.WriteLine("This is the basic class");

Then you shot to point out the child class that inherits from the baseClass as below:

//child classpublic class childClass : BaseClass int id2; publicly childClass(int i) id2 = i; publicly void childClassMethod() Console.WriteLine("This is the kid class");

You then try to compile and also you you obtain the precise error blog post (for this example): over there is no discussion given that synchronizes to the required formal parameter ‘i’ the ‘BaseClass.BaseClass(int)’

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