After I placed in every one of the information for my account, ns pressed the authorize up button however this error appeared:

\"You aren\"t a Cog, are you? You require to complete the CAPTCHA verification to continue\".

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A CAPTCHA verification never appeared on this page and I\"m unable to move beyond this point. (Also, I have tried restarting mine computer and also I turned turn off pop-up blockers because that this website). Have the right to anyone aid me?


Hi, I provided to beat Toontown before Disney decided to nearby it, it held and is tho holding a huge place in my love so as soon as I learned around Toontown Rewritten i was supervisor happy. However, i can\"t play because I can\"t it seems to be ~ to receive the verification e-mail regardless of how many times i try, for this reason I\"m basically stuck appropriate now, waiting for a equipment from the support. Do you perhaps have actually one ? Please.

P.S. : you re welcome pardon any errors I can have made while I composed this, ns am French ??


Okay, so, i havnt played this video game in a while, so i go earlier to beat it, however when i go into my username and also password, and wait for the update to finish, then i press play. However then it crashes! i figured, \"ah i probs must uninstall and also reinstall\", and also i go that, but now, ns have an additional problem, it states \"unable to inspect for launcher update\", and then that CRASHES. What deserve to i do around this? Oh, and i\"m play on the same computer as once i offered to play it often, simply so friend know.


This is a thread to discuss around the dreaded black box. If you\"re clueless, basically once you login and the video game starts up and also closes. I\"d prefer to know what you guys think.

ERR006: We\"re having a tough time contacting the Account Server. Shot again soon!


Also, the house button... Ya know. Everybody know.

With the relax of ToonFest and also a boosting populace of Toons ever-so-excited come hop right into the party, some issues have occurred.

Teleporting come the ToonFest grounds results in obtaining your Toon stucked: until this concern is resolved, Flippy will certainly not enable anyone come escape, definition your video game will crash if you shot to teleport out of the grounds or head directly to the tunnel resulting in Acorn Acres. That means you are most likely going to want to play on a various Toon if girlfriend don\"t desire your key Toon to remain stuck in ~ the ToonFest grounds.

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Windows users space unable come log right into the video game at all: This is since TTR seems to have forgotten to incorporate Panda3D in the files. Luckily a fellow user ~ above the Toontown subreddit discovered a solution to this issue, in i m sorry you may view his article here. Watch the post, follow the steps, and hopefully you should be an excellent to go.

So much only these problems were addressed by the community. If there is anything else avoiding you from play the game, shot emailing TTR at support