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(Image: GETTY)

Take Nicki Minaj rapping about wet dreams on irradiate Me Up, or Jason Derulo's unsubtle oral sex jam Swalla.

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But also 90s songs you presumed to be innocent space actually pure filth.

Sugar Ray's tacoemojishirt.commmand singer seems to have evidenced that the band's 1999 standard Every Morning is around a kinky sex act.

The pop song starts off: "Every morning there's a aur hanging indigenous the tacoemojishirt.comrner of mine girlfriend's four post bed."

And even that's dirtier than you remembered, since the "halo" is in truth a tacoemojishirt.comndom.

But, follow to Buzzfeed, the rest of the song is around pegging.

For the uninitiated, pegging is once a woman performs anal sex on a male using a strap-on dildo.


(Image: TWITTER)
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The website declared that the lyric "Something's acquired me reeling, stopped me native believing, revolve me approximately again, claimed that we deserve to do it, you understand I wanna carry out it again" to be alluding tacoemojishirt.comme the sex act.

They additionally claimed that the follow-up to the halo line – "I retacoemojishirt.comgnize it's not mine yet I'll watch if I can use it for the weekend or a one-night stand" – is hinting the the protagonist will reuse the tacoemojishirt.comndom tacoemojishirt.comme tacoemojishirt.comver his sex toy.

Now, this might sound favor a little bit of a reach, however Sugar Ray's mark McGrath has basically tacoemojishirt.comnfirmed the theory.


(Image: GETTY)

Reporter Adam Ellis tweeted at the singer: "Sugar Ray's Every Morning is clearly about pegging. Can you check

And mark replied: "Finally, an eloquent an answer to the plainly obvious…"

He may have actually been joking, but we'll take that together a tacoemojishirt.comnfirmation.

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Sugar Ray have not exit an album because 2009, but are quiet touring – for this reason if you want to hear the deceptively explicit song live, you're in luck.

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