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They Think that I"m Tom Cruise describes a lyric through rapper Bobby Shmurda native the tune "Computers" by Rowdy Rebel. The lyric ended up being a meme adhering to a famous Instagram video clip where a black color person films himself in white assembly while the lyric plays.


"They think that I"m Tom Cruise" originates from the tune "Computers" by Rowdy Rebel special Bobby Shmurda. The track was uploaded to YouTube top top October 24th, 2014 and gained end 31 million see (shown below).


On December 6th, 2014, Instagram and Vine user elitelife_kd<1> uploaded a video clip where the literally acted the end the text of the Bobby Shmurda verse. On in march 13th, 2015, the uploaded the clip to YouTube, whereby it acquired over 417,000 views (shown below). That exact same day, Bobby Shmurda reposted the video clip to his main Facebook page<2>, v the caption "whoever dis man is the nd asshole", a catchphrase that would later be associated with the video. Bobby Shmurda"s repost would get over 100,000 reactions and also over 11 million views as of in march 2018.

The track and video clip began seeing more parodies over the course of the complying with several years. Top top December 21st, 2015, YouTuber stardestroyer85 post a remix that the finishing of The Spongebob Movie, having Spongebob sing "They think the I"m Tom Cruise," getting over 53,000 see (shown below, left). ~ above July 18th, 2017, YouTuber MeechOnMars uploaded a horror film parody i beg your pardon featured elitelife_kd together Tom Cruise, getting over 60,000 views (shown below, right).

On Tumblr, a famous post about a scene from The Dark Knight in which the personality Harvey Dent can"t identify The Joker regardless of his white confront paint until The Joker takes off a nurse"s mask referenced the video, gaining over 58,000 note (shown below).

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On Facebook, many edits have been made through the video, with some instead of the music v something else. A on facebook page influenced by the like of ShitpostBot 5000 also exists titled ToolpostBot 2021,<3> i m sorry auto-generates a video clip with a different audio monitor every fifty percent hour has actually garnered end over 8,000 likes because its creation.