Downtown Benson provides a range of special occasions throughout the year, indigenous rodeos and parades to movies and live music. Check out the events listed below for more information. An ext InformationLooking for more? If so examine out our events calendar or Benson"s official Facebook page.

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Movie Night in the Grove

room you searching for something complimentary to carry out with her family and also friends top top a Friday night? fine then look no further. The city of Benson Parks and Recreation hosts a Movie Night on the very first and third Friday the every month throughout the summer.

Location & Time

Dates & Titles

for dates and movie titles, examine the Calendar the Events, visit Benson"s official Facebook pageor call Benson Parks and also Recreation in ~ 919-894-5117.


Benson Mule Days


This festival, i m sorry draws 60-70,000 people, is to fill with family members fun and tasks for everyone young and old. The weekend is pack with: Arts and crafts Bluegrass shows Camping Carnival rides Parades Rodeos Street dances Vendors and also more

More Information

For an ext information call the Benson Area Chamber business at 919-894-3825 or visit the main website.

Trunk or law in Downtown Benson

A city favorite, the yearly trunk or law takes place on Halloween, October 31, in downtown Benson.

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Check ago here for occasion updates together we get closer to October and watch our Facebook web page for any type of event updates/news!

run for the Brave 5K and Veteran"s day Celebration

The Veteran"s work Celebration and Run for the Brave 5k space hosted each year in downtown Benson and also they market Benson"s residents and visitors a festive setting to celebrate the sacrifice of our nation"s veterans.If you join us top top the first Saturday in November, you have the right to expect: the operation for the Brave 5K, hosted by Parks and also Recreation and also Run the eastern the yearly Veteran"s work Parade down main Street a solemn event honoring our regional veterans neighborhood vendors and also food!

Vendor Application

If you"re interested in gift a seller for one upcoming occasion simply download the applications (PDF) and email it to Matt Smith, Benson Parks & Recreation Directoror letter it to:P.O. Box 69 Benson, NC 27504

More Information

for questions, contact Town hall at 919-894-3553 or email Matt Smith,Benson Parks & Recreation Director.