Conveniently located simply inland indigenous scenic West Palm Beach, Florida, Wellington has a small-town feel, with lots of nearby attractions because that those through a wide range of interests.

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The state that Florida is a mecca for golfers, and the Wellington and also Palm Beach locations are full of courses with a wide selection of greens fees – from budget plan to VIP.

The area is likewise known for its numerous nature preserves and also wildlife rehabilitation centers. Within 20 minutes, over there are more than a couple of world-class museums and art galleries too.

Below space 15 the the finest things to carry out in Wellington.

1. Panther Ridge preservation Center

Source: facebook.comPanther Ridge conservation Center

Located at 14755 Palm Beach allude Boulevard in Wellington, the Panther Ridge Conservation facility is home to some amazing big cats the were when injured and have to be rescued indigenous the wild.

Tours room available; return they’re no cheap, the money goes to feed and care for the animals, for this reason it’s a great cause.

On the tour, you will do it learn about the panthers the still prowl the Florida Everglades, and how your numbers have sadly dwindled end the critical century.

For security reasons, you won’t be able to touch the majestic animals, yet you’ll obtain close sufficient to appreciate their power and also beauty.

2. South Florida Fairgrounds

Source: facebook.comSouth Florida Fair

South Florida Fairgrounds is located on southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach and also hosts one of the area’s most famous fairs.

It’s to be going solid since 1912 and also takes ar in January and February each year when Florida’s weather is just perfect.

The fair is full of games, shopping, activities for kids, and lots of terrific food.

Weekends are more expensive and also crowded 보다 weekdays, for this reason if you’d rather protect against the chaotic crowds, plan on going throughout the week or beforehand in the morning when the same opens.

There are also a most carnival-style rides that are surprisingly exhilarating.

3. Village Park

No matter where girlfriend are, municipal parks are good places to spend a few hours relaxing, analysis a book, or communing v nature.

Located top top Pierson road in Wellington, village Park is complete of indoor and also outdoor activities that’ll save you and also your travel partners engaged, including basketball and also volleyball courts, two roller-hockey rinks, baseball and also soccer fields, and a playground because that the little ones.

Many the the park’s infrastructure are free, prefer the playgrounds and outdoor pavilions, which are good for picnics and also birthday parties.

The sports infrastructure are available to rent, so check out their website before you go.

4. Take it a paint Lesson

Source: facebook.comArt Cellar Wellington

For aspiring artist in need of little professional guidance, inspiration, and motivation, taking an art lesson in ~ the arts Cellar would certainly be a great way to gain all three.

The art Cellar is situated on forest Hills Boulevard in Wellington and also is staffed through artsy and enthusiastic teachers that will demystify the process of producing a great painting.

Different courses with varying themes are easily accessible throughout the week. In addition to all the training and supplies you will do it need, the class likewise includes wine.

Classes typically last native 6:30 come 9:30 PM, though the times vary slightly from course to class.

5. Copperpoint brewing Company

Source: facebook.comCopperpoint impending Company

Microbreweries are sprouting up everywhere, and also Wellington and also West Palm Beach space no exception.

Copperpoint Brewing firm is located on business Road in surrounding Boynton Beach. It is just one of the regional favorites for tasty microbrews, an excellent food, and also a familiar atmosphere.

Offerings include a huge array of beers with different flavor profiles and alcohol content, so through a tiny testing, practically everyone will discover a refreshing brew the they love.

There’s a unique tasting room, and the brew-master may offer an impromptu tour of the production room as well.

It’s a good place to clock sporting events and also escape the brutal Florida sun.

6. Wellington Aquatics Complex

Source: facebook.comWellington Aquatics Complex

The Wellington Aquatics facility is a municipal facility that’s open to the public and includes amenities because that every age and also ability.

It functions an Olympic size pool, concession stands, showers and also even lockers for the safekeeping of your valuables when you’re enjoy it the facilities.

For the small ones, yes a water park and also splash pad. If you’d fairly swim laps quiet away indigenous the children, there space designated areas for that together well.

The complex also provides swimming lessons and also CPR and also lifeguard certification courses, so examine their website to see once they’re accessible and how much castle cost.

7. Tranquil Waters Sanctuary

Source: john Schneyer / FacebookPeaceful Waters Sanctuary, Wellington

Peaceful Waters Sanctuary on Pierson road in Wellington is comprised of much more than 30 acre of wetlands that have been set aside to encourage their herbal beauty and ensure they remain undeveloped.

The park is full of regional plants and also animals and features well-marked trails and informative signs.

There’s likewise an elevated boardwalk that leads guests about the various wetland ponds. The sanctuary is a favorite of bird lovers and nature photographers, who come to see the egrets, cranes, and spoonbills that contact its beautiful grounds home.

8. Okeeheelee Nature Center and Trail

Source: facebook.comOkeeheelee Nature Center

Featuring a two-mile loop trail full of birds and wildflowers, Okeeheelee Nature center is conveniently located in between Wellington and also West Palm beach and also usually isn’t very crowded.

The trace is easy sufficient for almost everyone, but due to Florida’s oppressive summer heat and humidity, is ideal used indigenous September to May.

The center includes a selection of ponds and wetlands; through a little luck, you may see tortoises, deer, and a an excellent array of native birds.

The center’s trails can obtain wet and also muddy, therefore wear ideal shoes. Be certain to carry your camera and binoculars if you have actually them.

9. Green Motion Segway Tours

Source: facebook.comGreen motion Segway Tours

Segways room fun and unique ways to scoot around and also see many sights without expending a many energy.

Located at 3491 flying Cow Ranch road in Wellington, environment-friendly Motion Segway Tours sell tours of plenty of of the area’s most popular attractions.

A couple of favorite trips visit the Wellington eco-friendly Preserve and Douglas Everglades Habitat, both of i beg your pardon are complete of near-pristine forests, plants, and also animals.

The latter includes virtually 400 acres of kept land boasting nature trails and also a discovering center. Tour teams are restricted to six, and also you’ll get all the training you need prior to heading out.

10. Pat a few rounds that golf

Source: photogolfer / shutterstockGolfing

In the winter time, when lot of America is steady in the clutches of winter’s icy grip, Florida enjoys a climate that provides many people jealous.

It’s a large area for the so-called snowbirds the flock here to play golf; the Palm Beach and also Wellington locations are the hotspots.

There space dozens of process within a half hour that Wellington, varying from inexpensive municipal courses to uber-expensive courses normally reserved for the rich and snooty.

Madison green Golf food on Crestwood Boulevard and also Okeeheelee Golf food on woodland Hill Boulevard room two that the local favorites. They’re sensibly priced, market lots of herbal scenery, and also have restaurants and also bars onsite.

11. Wellington conservation Center

Source: facebook.comWellington conservation Center

Dedicated to rehabilitating pets that have been injured or abandoned, the Wellington Conservation facility strives come return many of the pets it assists earlier to the wild.

Some the the center’s much more dangerous and also popular inhabitants are bears and large cats from different areas of the country.

The center is residence to numerous birds together well; one of its concentrates is ~ above exotic southern American animals that have become rare or endangered as result of deforestation and also poaching.

Tours the the facility are available, and donations are always encouraged and also gladly accepted to assist the center continue its important work.

12. Tiger Shark Cove neighborhood Park

Source: facebook.comTiger Shark Cove Park

Based top top its name, you could expect this regional attraction to it is in a shark sanctuary, however it’s really simply an all-around fun park and playground that’s conveniently located on Greenbriar Boulevard in Wellington.

The park attributes a vast play area v an amazing selection of castle-like structures full of ladders, slides, and also obstacles.

The the end park is free, and there room covered seating locations perfect because that picnics, date of birth parties, or one afternoon that reading and also relaxation.

It’s an excellent place for those on a tight spending plan or because that those with small ones with brief attention spans in dire need of exercise and outdoor time.

13. Hot Shots Paintball

Source: facebook.comHot Shots Paintball Grounds

Paintball’s popularity has skyrocketed in current years, and brand-new paintball facilities are popping up all over the place.

Conveniently located just inland indigenous West Palm beach at 16169 southerly Boulevard, in nearby Loxahatchee, warm Shots Paintball is a Florida favorite and has nine various fields to select from.

Regardless the the age and experience that participants, the employee at hot Shots will certainly make certain players are placed with a similar group.

The facility is open up every day, v hours extending to midnight and also 10:00 afternoon on Friday and Saturday respectively.

Rental equipment and also training are available, therefore everyone deserve to have a fun and also safe experience.

14. Palm coast Skate Zone

Source: facebook.comPalm coast Skate Zone

Rumor has it the Palm beach Skate zone is the just facility in southern Florida sporting 3 ice skating rinks.

It’s conveniently located just minutes off the Florida Turnpike top top Lake worth Road and also includes nearly 80,000 amenity-packed square feet.

There space two restaurants onsite, a video clip arcade, locker rooms, and a pro-shop and store wherein you have the right to pick up critical minute items choose mittens or shoelaces.

It’s a good place to host birthday parties, team-building exercises and even bachelor and bachelorette parties with a healthy twist.

Skating and hockey lessons space available. Inspect out their website for hrs of operation and also prices.

15. Norton Museum the Art

Source: thomas Barrat / shutterstockNorton Museum of Art

Norton Museum of arts in West Palm coast was established in 1941 through a local couple who wanted to preserve and also promote modern-day art in a world-class setting.

The museum’s exhibits encompass an eclectic variety of themes and forms, including photography, painting, sculpture, and also multi-media.

There are several international influences as well, greatly European and also Chinese.

The museum is currently undergoing a substantial renovation and also is reserved to reopen top top February 9th, 2019.

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In addition to its irreversible exhibits, the museum hosts temporary exhibitions transparent the year, so check online to watch what’ll be there when you’re in town.