This track is around the very first time you find out to "Self Satisfy." At some concerts, towards the finish of the tune Maynard Keenan will "jerk" his water bottle about until the climax of the song once he sprays water everywhere.

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Daniel Rumbo indigenous Harrisonville, Mo 64701All I know is that Maynard is awesome. Once he wakes increase in the morning he pisses excellence. Anybody that doesn"t agree can go French kiss a .45 !!!!Tiffany indigenous Sweetwater, TnMaynard states on the "aMOTION" DVD that this tune is about masturbating come the believed of anal sex. "Tugging a rhythm come the vision that"s in my head. Tugging a beat to the sight of her lying. So delighted v your brand-new understanding, something around a tiny evil that provides that unmistakable noise ns was hearing, unmistakable sound the I know so well. Sit and sighing with that look in your eyes, sit and sweating through that look on your challenge like sweet revelation, sweet surrendering." It provides sense if you listen to the lyrics. Steve indigenous Laconia, NhI don"t know what human being are thinking, however Maynard is tho in Tool... He constantly has been.Dan indigenous Santa Clarita, Cathat makes an ext sense come me Justin! through the way jim. Why did you say "While in Tool"?Justin from grand Island, Nethis tune is around masturbating to the assumed of anal sexDan indigenous Santa Clarita, CaMaynard states this song is more of a feeling song around anal sex... I"m personally tho trying to number out what he"s talking aboutsee much more comments
Girl CrushLittle large Town

"Girl Crush" by Little big Town came from the hashtag #girlcrush, i m sorry its co-writer, Lori McKenna, spotted on Instagram.


Zach Hanson was simply 11 years and 7 months old when "MMMbop" topped the warm 100 making that the youngest team member to co-write and perform a united state #1 single.

Lips are MovinMeghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor created "Lips space Movin" in simply eight minutes through her writing companion Kevin Kadish.

tart TimesPortishead

The eerie percussion and guitar because that Portsihead"s "Sour Times to be sampled indigenous Lalo Schifrin"s "Danube Incident," music written by the Argentine composer for an illustration of Mission Impossible.

go back to InnocenceEnigma

"Return come Innocence" through Enigma is based on a Taiwanese singing by a husband and wife. The couple won a lawsuit approving them royalties indigenous the song.

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever will certainly Be, will certainly Be)Doris job

"Que Sera, Sera (Whatever will Be, will certainly Be)" was created for Doris job to song in the Alfred Hitchcock movie The guy Who Knew as well Much.

Elton JohnFact or Fiction

Does he have beef with Gaga? Is he Sean Lennon"s godfather? check out if you deserve to tell reality from fiction in the Elton john edition.

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LecraeSongwriter Interviews

The Christian rapper talks about where his trip to Haiti and his background of seeks fit into his songs.

Timothy B. Schmit the the EaglesSongwriter Interviews

Did this Eagle come up through the ax "Parrothead"? and also what is it choose playing "Hotel California" for the gazillionth time?

KissFact or Fiction

Kiss is the topic of numerous outlandish rumors - several of which occur to it is in true. View if you have the right to spot the fakes.

Christmas SongsFact or Fiction

Rudolf, Bob Dylan and also the to sing Dogs all show up in this truth or Fiction for seasonal favorites.

David Bowie lyrics QuizMusic Quiz

How well do you know your David Bowie lyrics? take this quiz to uncover out.