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Correct Answer: Morphodrake

My Guess: Moonstone "resembles a glow stone", there"s no Moonsong Amphiptere, no Bleeding Moon nor Lunar Herald has actually a cousin species... I"m stumped.

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My Guess: Deep Sea

Correct Answer: coastal Waverunner

Egg Description: This egg has actually raised gold ridges.

Hint: can not breed with the regular dragons.

My Guess: I understand what this one looks like, but I can"t remember its name. I have actually a few, they"re the irradiate purple 2 headed ones.

Correct Answer: Bauta

Egg Description: This hefty egg has a soft, yielding shell.

Hint: Another dragon the can"t breed through normal dragons

My Guess: Baikala

Correct Answer: Baikala (Yes! ns was correct!)

Egg Description: This egg looks prefer it doesn"t belong; the is brightly colored through white spots.

Hint: Again, cannot breed v normal dragons.

My Guess: It"s a dino, idk i beg your pardon one tho

Correct Answer: Green Dino

Egg Description: This egg is wedged in a dark corner.

Hint: Have a sad story connected with Hurricane Sandy.

My Guess: cavern lurker

Correct Answer: cavern lurker

Egg Description: This egg provides off a beautiful glow.

Hint: Not together rare as you can think.


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My Guess: Falconiform Wyvern

Correct Answer: Falconiform Wyvern

Egg Description: This shining egg appears to radiate power.

Hint: They"re mighty.

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My Guess: Zyumorph

Correct Answer: Zyumorph

Egg Description: This egg has colored speckles ~ above it.

Hint: Fishy.


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My Guess: Aranoa