If these procedures are complied with after a robbery, the employee will be able to give information to aid police officers in arresting the culprit, and an ext importantly, in protecting the employee and also innocent customers from harm.Give employees tasks to be excellent if over there is a robbery. Decide currently which employee will lock doors, who will call the police, that will care for the injured, who will look for the getaway car, who will safeguard evidence, etc. Carry out not i think the jobs will it is in done with no plan.Do not chase the robber. The robber might shoot at any kind of pursuers or the police may shoot in ~ you, too, thinking you are the robber.Secure the doors so the robbers cannot re-enter the store. Stop organization operations and place a authorize on the door advising customers the the organization is "Temporarily closed because of an emergency." execute not permit anyone in except emergency personnel.Call police immediately. Be sure to tell lock if everyone is injured so they have the right to dispatch emergency clinical personnel. Provide police the moment of the robber’s departure, your description and also direction and method of travel. Stay on the phone until they tell you it’s okay to cave up. The rate of reporting is vital to the apprehension that the criminal.Care for hurt people. If feasible render an initial aid, and keep the victim calm and alert until paramedics arrive.Observe method of to escape of the robber, if possible, together with the direction the travel. If a auto is used, shot to uncover out the make, color, type, license number and also the state of registration.Preserve any evidence. Protect the crime scene and also do not touch something the robber may have actually touched. Keep human being out of the area.Write under the robber’s description. Do not "compare notes" with others until a police officer arrives and conducts interviews.Keep witnesses in ~ the scene until police arrive. If they firmly insist on leaving, shot to acquire their names and addresses.Make other contacts of people who need to be informed like the store owner, bank security, etc. Emergency telephone numbers should be obtainable and the notice policy plainly established.Do not discuss the robbery through outsiders till police offer permission to perform so. To express all inquiries to the police.Keep the amount of money steal private. The police can list the quantity taken together an "undetermined amount of cash" till the specific amount is determined in an audit. Uncover out and also record noþeles else that may have actually been stolen. If precise amount the cash taken during the robbery should be exit to the media, and also they report a big loss, various other robbers could be attractive to the organization or rather in the chain.Assist investigating police officers in every method possible.

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Cooperate with the police through being available for interviews, not being reluctant to identify suspects and also giving proof in court when notified to carry out so.