Important items in this Area
Urn with Ashes the Louis de Corentin
Ode to Gwent
Vampire: Bruxa Card
Barclay Els Card
Garden Key
Urn with ashes the Margot de Corentin
Forged in Fire

Not enough Room in the Tomb¶

You can start this quest by perusing the notification Board in Beauclair and picking up the notification “Contract: Quarreling in ~ the Cemetery”. Once done, track the quest and also head come the southern end of Beauclair where you’ll findThe Clever Clogs Tavern, i m sorry is eastern of the Nilfgaardian Embassy signpost. Be certain to meditate till dusk if necessary, then find for the contract-poster, a man named Charles Lanzano, within the tavern.

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You’ll discover him upstairs, drinking his problems away. Speak to him and he’ll tell you about the noises he’s to be hearing in the cemetery, i m sorry is surrounding to his home. The ducal guard found nothing, however the noises persist, so now he’s transforming to a Witcher. Haggle over her fee if you care to bother, expropriate the contract, then head end to the cemetery.


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(1 that 2) search a tomb in the cemetery come find… surprisingly little evidence of anything, really.



Search a tomb in the cemetery to find… surprisingly tiny evidence of anything, really. (left), after hiding indigenous the ghosts, the trouble - and also solution - i do not care clear. The two must be be separated lest they spend all afterlife bickering. (right)

Make your way to the center of the cemetery, descend the stairs come the catacombs, then head with a gate. Once inside the catacombs, revolve south and enter the room to the left, from whence the sounds originate. While there’s no evident resource of the noises, be certain to search some curious objects, specific a damaged vase, a golden vase (ruling the end grave robbers), some fresh flowers, and also the inscriptions over 2 sarcophagi, “Margot de Corentin” and “Louis de Corentin”.

While it’s curious the death of Louis synchronized with the begin of the noise, there’s nothing rather to go on yet, for this reason Geralt resolves come look depth in the catacombs. Exit this chamber and also go down a surrounding passage, however no shortly after you leave the noises will begin up again. Return to the chamber, just to find nothing, however Geralt’s not going to it is in fooled again. Head to the western finish of the chamber, where you’ll find a statue you have the right to hide behind, and sure enough, once the coastline is apparently clear, 2 ghosts will certainly appear and argue… well, like an old married couple.

Ah, the joys that matrimony. Margot will complain around Louis’s gambling problem, and Louis will accuse she of… well, of gift a little bit of a wet blanket. Neither seem enjoyment by Geralt’s intervention, and will quickly fall back to bickering. One thing stays clear - among them needs to go, and both will promise you some Gwent cards because that evicting the other. Both have actually a plausible claim to the tomb, therefore it really comes under to whichever one friend think deserves it most, and an ext importantly, which of the 2 you think to be honest sufficient to live up to their end of the bargain.

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Pick whichever spouse you wish to help, climate peruse the message under the suitable header, below.