Established in 2011, Time Out sporting activities Tavern has actually proved itself to be the beloved spot of both locals and tourist end the years.

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We’re locally owned and also operated and also strive to administer our community and those visiting it with the best service possible.

Whether you’re right here watching the video game on our screens, enjoying lunch through your coworkers, play pool and also games with friends, unwinding through Happy Hour, or celebrating the weekend, our staff will make certain you have actually an exceptional experience.

Our craft beer and liquor selections space sure to wow you and also our delicious food selection with new ingredients will put your taste buds in awe!

We look forward to seeing you! 

Time Out sporting activities Tavern

We room here!

Now offer Cream’Wiches!


The initial Artisan ice Cream Sandwich

With its pairing that cold, creamy ice cream cream and also crisp, buttery cookies, the ice cream cream sandwich just can be the perfect food. However an ice cream sandwich is only as great as the quality of the components, and also that’s where the Cream’wich stands apart from the pack.

The Cream’wich brings with each other two beloved southerly California institutions: Katella Bakery, which has actually been baking cookies from scratch due to the fact that 1964; and also Manhattan coast Creamery, which provides ice cream in little batches utilizing top-notch ingredients. Through their powers combined, the end result is an ice cream cream sandwich it is downright life-changing.

Time the end Beer News
Click below to see our substantial Craft Beer Selection
Only the Best
Fresh Ingredients, Tasty Meals
Our standard American and also authentic mexican selections room made with lots of love from our kitchen to your plate!
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Created through Love
From our party cap walls and tables to our hand-crafted drinks, we’ve produced every facet of Time Out with our very own hands. True labors that love!
Juicy burgers, salads, tacos, chicken wings, appetizers, sandwiches and more. We have a taste for every pal
Expert Staff
We pride ourselves on ours friendly and also knowledgeable staff! whether you’re trying to find the perfect craft beer or want an awesome cocktail, they will certainly be sure to offer you excellence!
29 craft Beers ~ above Tap
Whether your a craft beer snob or domestic beer drinker, our large beer choice has something because that everyone!
We have actually three swimming pool tables and also many old school arcade games. Have some fun!
Parties, office events, open houses, sporting activities gatherings, and more! our catering services will make your next event even more delicious!
What world are Saying

“The bartenders know their stuff!”
“Great food. The owner is personally invest in this bar.Idustry Mondays!! It’s both a local bar and the far better place come party Downtown.

Derek Q.

“Pretty Chill.”
“Very friendly staff! We’re below from Australia and came in after dinner ~ above a Sunday night….so quite chill. Nice selection of local beers on tap…so good! But, the highlight is the nice staff…change of speed from few of the rude bartenders we’ve come throughout so far. Thanks heaps!“

Monica D.

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“”You Can’t speak You’ve Lived till You try This.”
“Pork ship sliders are amazing. Friend can’t speak you’ve lived until you shot this. Got complete bar and can make anything friend want.

“Best Bar Around.”
“They find out your name, her order, your favorite color, sports team, family members illnesses, etc… heck, I’m also friendly with the cook!”

Hours that Operation
MON – WED 11:00am – 1:00am

THURS – sat 11:00am – 2:00am

SUN 11:00am – 1:00am

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Don’t be shy. Permit us know if girlfriend have any kind of questions!
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