In her classic novel about growing increase in the middle of gyeongju injustice, To death a Mockingbird, author, Harper Lee, invites united state to step right into someone else’s pair of shoes – come really get to understand them. 8th graders at St. John’s have actually been analysis this novel together in ELA for countless years.

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Although ns did not develop this type of literary analysis, ns invite 8 hours grade students to step into the Maycomb, Alabama neighborhood that Harper Lee created. To gain to understand someone better, it is often helpful to learn around their neighborhood. As soon as Mr. Rogers invited numerous of united state (those of united state who space older now) to be his neighbor, he an initial took us on a trolley ride right into his make-believe neighborhood. In the very same way, in order for my students to understand the hopes, dreams and prejudices the the personalities in Harper Lee’s novel, i invite them to attract a map of the Maycomb ar where Scout and also Jem flourished up.

My students now invite you come walk with the neighborhood.

By: Mrs. VB, 8th grade

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Author: jhollatz

I am the principal of St. John"s Lutheran School and also a proud dad of two girls in ~ SJLS!View all posts by jhollatz

Author jhollatzPosted on April 17, 2018April 17, 2018Categories 21st century learning, Assessment, Student student OutcomesTags 21st century learning, Assessment, Collaboration, Creativity, good Arts

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