A dedication to Mr. Hiddleston"s i can not qualify to nearby his legs, those vests the make him look prefer a god, his weird likeness come cheap frozen desserts, and his wild are afraid of colors various other than gray and also blue. This blog is 110% serious.

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“The most interesting thing around being lively is that there is no black and also white; there are countless shades of grey.” - Tom Hiddleston



Look in ~ this! Tom is wearing a honest-to-God burgundy jumper and he is smiling about it. The IS NOT also WEARING something MONOCHROMATIC underneath TO protect against THE colour FROM touching HIS naked FLESH! WHAT IS HAPPENING to THE WORLD!

(Also that cutie patootie smile be still my heart).

Hi! space you guys covering the BAFTAs 2017 and the GQ video? just wondering, not to press or noþeles :)
Not to pester, however the monster blogging has been happening again. Is this no longer a Hiddleston only blog, no problems if so, simply want come know

We’re still an exclusively Hiddles blog! just both united state admins suck at blogging, so sometimes we mistakenly reblog points from our other blogs top top this one. We’ll always delete that as soon as us realise, yet if you watch anything the isn’t monochromatic and also sharp-cheekboned, let united state know and also we’ll hop on it appropriate away.


Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) in Kong: Skull Island destroying beasts through a katana

Or, as we prefer to contact it, Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) in Kong: Skull Island rocking the gas mask look like nobody’s business

welcome to the gold globes fashion break down where we scream about the world’s SEXIEST PENGUIN

tom has actually taken an ext and more recently to wearing double-breasted suits, a true point out of his sartorial evolution and also his capability to period like well wine except wine that’s unusually fuckable. The look at is mature and sophisticated, and also he’s acquired the facial hair and hairstyle to match it - because i’m a significant slightly arthouse actor now guys, simply forget about that marvel thing currently please


but, because thomas william hiddleston is additionally an enormous child, a bow tie. This has the result of making the not only look sophisticated but additionally the CUTEST FUCKING button OF A person YOU’VE ever SEEN. Speaking of buttons, look in ~ those sweet tiny black details top top the shirt, it’s simply too much.

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your accept speech may have actually been a little bit cringe (okay much more than a little bit cringe) however in the immortal indigenous of hannah montana, “everybody provides mistakes, everybody has actually those days”. We’re quiet proud that you, and a gold globe is no little achievement!

wearing colours would be an even bigger achievement, however we’ve got every one of 2017 for that.