After Nighthawks, Tom was doing a promotional show for Danish radio. On this occation that met Mathilde Bondo, a young Danish record artist. The 2 hung out after the show, and also a kind of romance happened, regardless of Mathilde gift married. The two spent all night drinking and also fooling around in Copenhagen, mostly in Nyhavn (New Harbor), and also in the morning, as soon as Tom had actually to go ago to the States, the asked Mathilde come come with him, which she felt she can not do. They never met again, yet a year or for this reason later, Mathilde got the document in the letter (don’t psychic if it to be the solitary or the whole album). Danish TV did a little but really moving attribute on the event a couple of years back.

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It's around a male (Tom) that is travel (waltzing matilda). He is drinking most nights yet has one especially heavy night, and in usual melodramatic Tom style, meets a girl that he walk dancing with and also falls for yet knows he can't be with her because she won't travel with him and also he won't protect against travelling. The wakes up feeling incredibly hungover and as if he'll never love again, however he's walk to execute it every again the next night in the next city.

You’re probably conscious that it borrows indigenous an larger Australian song and while no an interpretation ns do also like The Pogues cover of another derivative song.

"Four Sheets come the Wind in Copenhagen"

"Australian slang because that travelling top top foot (waltzing) through one's thing in a "matilda" (swag) slung end one's back"

It is a drunken lament with a heart break lover.

That's a damn good question. I have actually no idea what that song is about, yet its something real, really real. Periodically the means a song is sang is a language in itself. And that's an excellent enough because that the services of appreciation.

Maybe sooner or later the literal an interpretation of the text will expose themselves come me, possibly never.

I agree v you and also love the song. I generally avoid getting into interpreting the writers intentions because I discover I am generally wrong. The finest songs bring up an individual feelings and also emotions in world without being explicit in their interpretations.

It’s about PTSD, returning from war, and also wondering if not retuning (being eliminated in battle) would certainly be better than returning to a gambling addiction, alcohol addiction and also the expertise that you killed others.

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Just curious around people’s interpretations of the song. What the whole song’s about to them, what specific lines average to them. Anything really.


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