The Hito Hito no Mi is a Zoan-type evil one Fruit that allows its user to transform right into a person hybrid and a complete human at will. It was consumed by Tony Tony Chopper.

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By consuming the fruit, Chopper has actually been provided human intelligence, permitting him to understand and also communicate in person language. The fruit has also given Chopper the ability to perceive principles that a reindeer would not comprehend, such as medicine. That also allows him come transform into human/reindeer hybrid forms.

So how about if the fruit were eaten by a human being? would certainly the impacts of Hito Hito no Mi absent in?

And it looks like Chopper ate that fruit by accident?

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Most likely nothing would happen, that human would shed the capability to swim however would not get anything through the fruit itself. This was also answered by Oda in among the sbs questions.

D: WHAT wake up IF A human EATS A HITO HITO NO MI?<6>

O: I suppose I need to say castle "BECOME HUMAN". Uh, ns guess you might say that means like ending up being an adult, or finding her true spirit or something. For this reason basically, human being will live much more human-like. Well. Ns guess you might say that. Or not. Basically, not. Goodbye. (runs away).

EDIT: maybe, the only thing a human being would acquire is the capability to ascend("to acquire to a higher state of consciousness") so one would be happy v himself, so to say. But this is just a speculation, and also my take on the if something choose that would happen and Oda would certainly come up through a "power up" for the user

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I think nothing will happen as such apart from one losing the capability swim.

But I think it will only be for the basic form. If the users use the fruit come its complete potential, I believe a sport of Chopper"s monster point can it is in achieved.

Also, maybe (a opportunity a speculation), depending upon how the fruit works, lock might be able to transform into dwarfs, giants, long arm, lengthy leg, etc. Due to the fact that all this are different races the the humans.

Also because there is awakening, i m sorry though has actually not been explained completely, it will be one an ext power acquired from the fruit.

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I guess: v that human being will have amplified knowledge and capability to change his very own body at will. Or controlling your very own muscle come the fullest

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Oda reply this concern in the SBS: he claimed that the human who ate the evil one Fruit "Hito Hito no Mi" will certainly be much more wise and intelligent than regular humans.

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