Too confronted recently came out with their brand-new Natural Love Eye Shadow repertoire which is their largest eyeshadow color board yet. It consists of 30 shadows, consisted of of renowned existing shades indigenous their natural palettes together with exclusive new ones.

There are so many neutral eye zero palettes on the industry to select from, therefore is this one yes, really worth the hype? right here are my moral thoughts and also swatches!

At A Glance

Brand: too FacedAnimal trial and error Policy: Cruelty-Free, PETA-CertifiedParent Company: Estée Lauder (not cruelty-free)Sold in China: NoProduct: organic Love can be fried Neutral Eye shadow CollectionVegan: No (some shades save on computer carmine)Price: $59 ($1.96 every eyeshadow)Weight: 30 x 0.03 oz. (Total network Weight 0.90 oz)



The color board is super flexible and permits you to develop anything from "no makeup" looks come glamorous smokey eye looks. Most of the shadows room nicely pigmented with an excellent color payoff, especially the shimmer shades. The texture is greatly smooth and buttery, again especially the shimmer shades. Ns love the packaging. I think the is gorgeous and luxurious. That is additionally lightweight and also perfect because that traveling.The price every eye shadow is $1.96. When the shadows are small, you gain a big variety at a reasonably small cost.

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It is important to note that the color pension is no vegan, as several of the shades contain carmine. I hope lock come the end with much more vegan-friendly palettes in the future!There are just 7 matte shades. Personally, ns would prefer to see much more matte shades for blending purposes.The glittery sparkle shades (such as "Fairy Tale" and also "Tickle Me") have actually a little of fallout. Lock would job-related best used with a damp makeup brush.Some the the darker shades in the color pension (such together "Chocolate Martini", "Undercover" and "Night Fever") room a little bit patchy and also harder come apply.

The Verdict

Overall i think the palette has a many beautiful and diverse shades, perfect for developing tons of different looks. If i could adjust anything about the palette, as well as making that vegan-friendly, I would add much more matte shades and also would possibly readjust the formulation of the darker sparkly shades to make them less patchy and more pigmented. In mine experience, Too challenged palettes have actually been hit-or-miss, however this one is a little bit of both. All things considered, i think it"s a lovely palette, and it would make wonderful addition to any type of makeup lover"s collection.

Have girlfriend tried this palette? If so, I would certainly love to recognize your thoughts, and also which shades stood the end to girlfriend the most!

Where come Buy

You can find it at Ulta or Sephora and also it retails for $59.

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