Tour Edge"s latest Exotics driver, the XJ1, has actually been four years in the making allowing players through moderate swing speeds to generate maximum distance off the tee.

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Combining a 9-1-1 titanium body, a Kevlar-Carbon crown and three Tungsten sole weights, the multi-material driver bring the latest an innovation to every players.


David Glod, president and founder of tourism Edge Golf explains:

Most innovations of the previous decade have actually benefited football player with higher swing speeds eliminating the bulk of golfers. We have been emerging the XJ1 driver for over four years, functioning on each characteristic that the club, moving critical amounts the weight around for the best results and also waiting for technology to catch up come our goal of bringing this incredibly lightweight driver come the sector which will advantage golfers with genuine swing speeds.

The body of the driver is made from 9-1-1 titanium, a material that tour Edge has called a "Supermetal". Remarkable light, 10 percent lighter than 6A4v titanium, it allows engineers to save significant weight in the body, releasing it up to be used somewhere else to boost forgiveness.

The stamin of 9-1-1 also permits it to be diluent and more reactive, also at reduced swing speeds. This, merged with the all at once lightness the the driver, allows players through moderate swing speeds to generate more club head speed and also distance.


Low in its entirety weight is aided through the use of Kevlar-Carbon in the crown. This ultra-light and durable material is extremely strong whilst only weighing 12 grams, conserving weight at the top of the club and also lowering the centre of gravity for greater launch. An included benefit is that Kevlar-Carbon rises the firmness the the crown which help to amplify round speed greater up top top the face.

The challenge is created with a SP 700 beta titanium challenge plate that is thinner and reactive for great flex as well as permitting the area that the key to be much bigger than on a regular driver.

The bigger area has thinner edges and the Robotic Laser Bonding the the face to the body saves further weight allowing the challenge to act with an ext flex to boost the COR for much faster ball speeds throughout a bigger hitting area.


The load savings indigenous the body, crown and also face that the XJ1 room deployed strategically roughly the 460cc head via 3 tungsten weights consisting of two heel and also toe security bars, every weighing 10-grams. These widen the sweet spot and increase MOI because that high forgiveness. A load tungsten screw in the heel is positioned to produce a draw bias and help faster release of the clubhead v impact. This weight have the right to be changed with screws that 3, 6, 12 and 14 grams available.

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The tour Edge Exotics XJ1 driver has been paired v the ultra-stable lightweight Fujikura waiting Speeder pillar that weighs simply 45 grams.