2019 Waste collection Schedule for the town of new Hempstead

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HOWREQUIREMENTSGarbageMondays and also Thursdays prior to 6 a.m.

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Outside garage and also visible indigenous the streetIn garbage cans or plastic bags. Must not exceed 50 lbs. EachMust no contain recyclable materialsCommingled Containers (Glass, Plastic, etc.)Wednesdays prior to 6 a.m.At the curbIn any recycling binSee various other side for list of materials. Do not place on street pavementCommingled paper and corrugated cardboardWednesdays before 6 a.m.At the curbIn any recycling binSee other side for list of materials. Cardboard have to be flattened and tied.Bulky items – Furniture, mattresses, rugs, etc.Thursdays before 6 a.m.At the curb5 item limit per collectionDo not ar on

street pavementBulky steel Items –White goods, outdoor metal furniture, etc. Doors removed1st and 3rd Thursday of every monthAt the curbCall 353-5678 to arrange for collectionConstruction & demolition debris, lumber, roofing, stone, etc.

These items are not included in your waste collectionYou must contact a private hauler come arrange because that collection.Leaves and grass clippingsWed. Prior to 6 a.m.At the curbIn biodegradable document bags only. No plastic bags or boxes.Collection noted April 1 with Dec. 15thBranches and BrushWed. Prior to 6 a.m.At the curbBundled & tied through twine. No much longer than 3 feet.Collection listed April 1 through Dec. 15thHazardous WasteThese items are not contained in your waste collectionBring these items come the HHW basic in Pomona Hotline #

364-2444*HOLIDAYS – PLEASE call FOR information : (845) 353-5678 Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m through the finish of vacation Pickup.

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Village of brand-new Hempstead – call (845) 354-8100 Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 pm**PLEASE BE recommend IT IS ILLEGAL come DUMP any MATERIALS right into STORM DRAINS and also CATCH BASINS.Below is a attach to Rockland ar Solid Waste about recycling: Click to Download or publish Waste repertoire Schedule