Discount retailer Ollie’s cheap Outlet is moving into the previous Toys ‘R’ Us building at 50 W. Love husband Creek Parkway, through officials saying the brand-new store will open in middle April 2020.

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Ollie’s bargain Outlet agency offers a varied mix of everything from housewares, an are heaters, speakers and cookbooks to summer furniture or toys. The firm gets is inventory buying closeouts, overstocks and also irregulars from manufacturers and also retailers, which lends to the that company trademark “Good stuff Cheap.”

The same agency plans come open another Indiana keep in Mishawaka, additionally to be located in a former Toys ‘R’ united state building.

”We have 12 stores in Indiana, for this reason those will be the 13th and 14th shop in Indiana,” said Jerry Altland, vice president of actual estate for Ollie’s cheap Outlet. The firm plans to open its 15th save in the state in Seymour in 2020, Altland said.

”In Terre Haute, they will certainly hire anywhere in between 45 come 55 associates. It is full and part-time” employees, Altland said. “We have actually been spring in the area for a variety of years and also its provides sense for us to it is in in Terre Haute due to the fact that we room in Indiana now.”

Since 2018, Ollie’s cheap Outlet has actually been targeting former Toys ‘R’ Us structures for development of its stores, to buy several previous stores as well as leasing the previous toy stores.

”We have been doing the for about two years. In ~ auction, we assumed some leases of playthings ‘R’ Us and last year us did some more Toys ‘R’ us boxes and it provides sense for us,” Altland said. Previous Toys ‘R’ us stores “are a small bigger 보다 what we like, as the Terre Haute store has actually a tiny over 45,000 square feet, yet that is okay, us have sufficient merchandise to to fill the store.”

A construction architecture review through the Indiana department of Homeland defense shows the Terre Haute structure has 46,700 square feet with 4,026 square feet to it is in remodeled. The style review reflects the architecture plan have the right to accommodate 1,263 civilization from the public and also 20 employees.

In its 3rd quarter 2019 budget report, Ollie’s reported complete net sales the $327 million, rise of 15.3% compared through net sales the $283.6 million in the 3rd quarter of fiscal 2018. The rise was mostly driven through strong brand-new store power from the 42 stores opened in fiscal 2019, consisting of 14 former Toys ‘R’ us locations, follow to the company’s budget report.

Gross profit raised 15.5% come $133.3 million in the 3rd quarter of fiscal 2019 contrasted with $115.4 million in the 3rd quarter of budget 2018, according to the company’s third quarter budget report.

The agency reaffirmed the full-year guidance, in its third quarter report, to $1.430 billion, indigenous $1.419 billion.

Earlier this month, the agency announced that mark Butler — the company’s founder, president and CEO — died Dec. 1, while spending Thanksgiving weekend v his family. 

John Swygert changed Butler together president and CEO. Swygert had been serving together executive angry president and also chief operating officer because January 2018 and previously served as Ollie’s chief financial officer due to the fact that 2004.

The firm currently operates 345 stores in 25 claims throughout the Eastern half of the unified States.

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