my_name = "Bryson"my_age = 29your_name = input ("What is her name? ")your_age = input ("What is her age? ")print ("My name is", my_name,", and I am", my_age, "years old.")print ("Your surname is", your_name,", and you are", your_age,".")print("Thank you for buying mine book,", your_name,"!")goal = intake ("What was your favorite part of the book,", your_name, "?")print("Awesome!")The error I acquire is:

goal = input ("What was your favorite part of the book,", your_name, "?")TypeError: input expected at many 1 arguments, got 3

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You obtained that error due to the fact that you in fact gave 3 arguments to the input duty when it was just expecting 1 (namely, a wire prompt).

In entry ("What was her favorite part of the book,", your_name, "?") ---------------------------------------- , ---------, ---The underlined components are the comma-separated arguments: a string ("What is", a variable your_name, and also another string, "?"

I think what you wanted was

goal = input("What was your favorite part of the book, " + your_name + "?")Here the concatenation operator + combine those ingredients right into a single string -- and a cable is the one dispute that entry is expecting


Try this:

goal = input ("What was your favorite part of the book, %s ?" % your_name)




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