This kernel requires the following features not existing on the CPU:paeUnable to boots - please usage a kernel appropriate for your CPU

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Then ns downloaded ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64 and tried to install, yet now I get the complying with error:
This kernel needs an x86-64 CPU, however only recognize an i686 CPU.Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for her CPU

Re: unable to boot Ubuntu

by mpack » 5. Might 2012, 12:51

mpackSite ModeratorPosts: 34519Joined: 4. Sep 2008, 17:09Primary OS: MS home windows 10VBox Version: PUELGuest OSses: greatly XP

Re: unable to boots Ubuntu

by tham » 5. Might 2012, 13:04

Re: unable to boots Ubuntu

by him » 19. Nov 2012, 09:12

Hi,I challenged the same problem and also the above solution worked.Thanks

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