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Understandable, have actually a quite day describes a catchphrase found in a series of picture macros in i m sorry one person asks because that something, the other human being denies it to them, and also therefore, the initial person responds, "Understandable, have actually a pretty day."


The very first instance the "understandable, have a nice day" originates from a variation on the Whoppy machine Broke meme. ~ above February 26th, 2017, Twitter user
liltusk<8> posted a three-panel, deep fried picture macro (shown below), in which former professional basketball player Shaquille O"Neal drives as much as a drive thru window and says, "Hello, food?" The journey thru attendant responds, "Food broke." The final panel shows Shaq be sure behind the wheel the his auto with the text, "Understandable. Have a good day."



While the inital article received 10 retweets and also 25 likes, 2 days later, on February 28th, 2017, Tumblr user Etica<1> mutual the post on Tumblr and received more than 32,700 notes.

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On April 7th, Filthy Frank mutual the picture on his Instagram account, garnering an ext than 26,400 likes.<2>

On may 2nd, the on facebook account the was just a picture bro<3> posted a popular variation ~ above "have a nice day," a conversation between a on facebook user and also the team "Online Shopping." Essentially, the article (shown below) relocated an communication that would frequently take ar in human being (browsing was in a store) and moved it into an online chat window. The article received an ext than 7,500 reactions and 2,100 shares.


The following day, the Instagram account
hoodshiet<4> shared the image and also received more than 12,300 likes.

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Over the next couple of days, the two variations of the meme, both the three-panel and the conversation window, were mutual throughout the internet, with the common ending of "Understandable, have a nice day.<5><6><7>



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