Bachelor of science in Psychology

The BS in psychology focuses on coursework and experiential maintain in scientific approaches used in psychological and social science research.

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Bachelor of art in Psychology

The BA level provides majors a broad understanding of the diversity the human actions from biological, cognitive, affective, and cultural perspectives.


Doctor of approach (Ph.D.) - behavioral Science Ph.D. Program

The physician of ideology (Ph.D.) in behavior Science is a research-intensive routine with a strong focus on object in wellness psychology and methodology.


Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) - Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Regime (APA Accredited)

The Clinical Psychology doctoral program at is designed for students who room committed come a career involving both practice and also research.


Master of science - college Psychology M.S. Routine (NASP-Approved) - Not at this time Accepting Applications

The college Psychology M.S. Regimen prepares you for “entry level” expert positions together a school psychologist. This three-year program provides the skills and knowledge necessary for a practicing school psychologist.


Doctor of viewpoint (Ph.D.) - school Psychology Ph.D. Program (APA Accredited* and also NASP-Approved) - Not right now accepting applications

The school Psychology Ph.D. Regimen prepares you to i think leadership and practice roles in schools and other institutions serving children, adolescents and families.

Alcohol and Other drug Counseling: Certificate because that Counselors of substance Troubled people - Not at this time offering

This is a five-course succession designed for counselors, administrators, students and also paraprofessionals interested in working through substance troubled persons, or in chemistry dependency-related services.

*Questions regarded the program’s accredited status need to be command to the commission on Accreditation:Office of regimen Consultation and also Accreditation American psychological Association750 1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002Phone: (202) 336-5979E-mail: apaaccred

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The Academic wellness Collaborative gives interdisciplinary teaching and learning spaces, and accessibility to experts, for every one of"s health disciplines.

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