Producer London top top da track played a vital part on affluent Gang’s Tha Tour part 1 mixtape. Here, he help orchestrate this magnificent collaboration in between Thugger and also Quan, with… read More 

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>YeahUp and also awayUp, up, and awayAnother day, boyUp, up, and awayAnother couple of dollarsUp, up, and also awayMoney with this powerRich Gang, niggaMy young niggasBig money poppin', boy (That's ~ above 5, boy)We obtained London top top da TrackPut that on blood, niggaAyeNew draws, this polo (New Polos) (what?)This two seater ridin' solo (Y'underdigg that, nigga?) (aye)I acquired your infant mama through me (Got these bitches riding v us) (oh)Bitch pointin' in ~ me, tellin', "Baby come and get it" (Aye) (come on, come on)Drivin' genuine fast, ain't in no lane (No lane) (skrrt)I ain't gettin' married 'cause my hoe playin' (nah) ('Cause mine hoe playin')Fish fry nigga, you propane (yeah) (You recognize what I'm sayin', nigga?)I keep my mouth closed, yeah, i soak video game (quiet) (My propane)All white seats favor cocaine (what?) (Cocaine)The cops come, us don't speak, us don't know names (nah) (Y'underdigg, boy?)Spent 30 on mine wrist, yeah the hoe plain (Shining on lock niggas) (rollie pollies)Jane, aye (Yeah)Up, up and also away, boy, I'm therefore high, boy, I'm up, up, and also away (High life, boy, one thousand, nigga)In the car, tried come block a nigga in, however she recognize young nigga obtained away (Million top top somebody's steak) (skrt skrrrt)(Hey!) If the door ain't bulletproof a young nigga kick with (Pull 'em up and kick)Hahaha (Aye!), i don't favor white girl but my bitch execute (But mine bitch perform it) (I recognize you do, baby)Ooh, Imma do something shake once the rental due (The rental due) (Aye!)Hey (say what?), Thugger, Imma make certain that you acquire through every time once I
, Both & Birdman>Every time I concerned town (Hey!)Niggas’ bitches come about (Yeah, yeah)And ns take 'em up, up and away (Up and also away v it) (Up, up, and away!)I started from the groundThat's when a nigga take it off and also went up, up and also away (High life boy) (Yeahhh...)If a pussy nigga come and also wanna beat (In this blue land, nigga)I'ma send his bitch ass up, up, and also away (up, up, and also away) (This increase high, boy)Beat a nigga bad and also I can just popular music his ass (Clouds the smoke, ya know?)Send that up and away (Yeahhh...) (Floatin')Up and also away (On a cloud)Up, up, and also away (Y'underdigg?)Up, up, and also away (True, true)Up, up, and away (So few)Shoot at the cops, send 'em up and also away (Anybody can gain it) (gah!)Bout mine boys, I'll shoot 'em increase anyway (gah!)Play because that him, ns don't give a fuck what lock sayYeahhh... (woo!)>Up, up, climate I run (Million bands, nigga)Molly gained me high, I'm lookin' for Tarzan (woo!) (Fuck 'em)Baby girl would you ride because that the man? (Fuck 'em! crap 'em!)Would you die for the man? (Fuck!) (Baby would you?)I'm a muhfuckin' go-getter (Shine on these bitches) (woo!)Mink coat got me lookin' choose a gorilla (Yeah) (argh!)Talkin' racks, my floors gained doors in ‘em (Yeah, yeah) (racks!)Rollie old and extinct prefer Godzilla (Smoking on the moonrock, boy) (woo!)Told castle bitches to get my ice the end the freezer, nigga (Yeah)Ice like a good girl (Freezing on this bitches) (ah, ah, ah, ah!)Told 'em bitches obtain my ice out the freezer (Floss on this niggas)Bitches froze favor an icicle (Do it big time, nigga) (woo, ah!)Pussy nigga, you a dyke, nigga (Yeah) (woo, ah!)Three hoes, Thugger tricycle (Yopper)And mine ice genuine platinum favor 5 nickels (Yop) (blatt!) (Yop)And I'm ballin' favor Bryant, no Nichols (hah!) (Big money)Tell lil mama go and also get 'em (Uptown v it) (tell lil mama)Yeah, go and sick 'em (go) (Worldwide v it) (get 'em, get)Hey, I, I acquired a Tommy (hey)I ain't talkin' Hilfiger (woo!) (Yeah)And I gained a hundred round drum on the muhfuckerLike I'm a marine Seal, nigga (gah, gaw, pew, pew)And I'm that nigga, wealthy Homie that nigga (pew, pew, pew) (Yeah, yeah)Rich Homies/YSL those niggas, 'cause (This the hella chop, boy)

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>Every time I concerned town (Yeah, yeah)Niggas’ bitches come roughly (Yeah) (Gon' run up these Benjies on these bitches)And i take 'em up, up and away (up, up, and away) (Rich gang life) (Brand new Maseratis on these bitches)I began from the ground (Yeah)That's once a nigga take it off and also went up, up, and also away (Yeahhh...) (Yeah, G5) (Brand new everything)If a pussy nigga come and also wanna beat (Flights) (New mansions)Imma send his bitch ass up, up and away (up, up, and away) (All night, nigga) (New yachts)Beat a nigga bad and I might just pop his ass (You know me?)Send him up and away (New ice) (Take a nigga's bitch)Up and away (New bitches, nigga, you recognize me?) (High ~ above clouds, nigga)Up, up, and away (New bottles) (Jacuzzi for the tub, boy)Up, up, and also away (New rims) (New Persian on them rugs, boy)Up, up, and also awayShoot at the cops, send 'em up and away (Blatt) (gah!) (Blatt! Blatt!)Bite mine bars, I'll shooting 'em up anyway (gah!) (Blatt!)Play for him, i don't offer a posesthe what they speak (Fuck what lock say)Yeahhh...Haha, this is come his head, boyUp and away(Yopper, yopper) Yopper, yopper, yopper (Yopper, yopper, yopper)Up, up, and also awayJust the filthy once it's time to be filthy, boyUp, up, and awayMoney, carry out you know me, nigga?Up, up, and awayFrom a lil nigga come an old niggaUp and awayIt's all about what us get, niggaUp, up, and also awayHow we obtain it, what we stand forUp, up, and awayAnd what us live forUp, up, and also awayLoyaltyYop!