Deep in the Delphic Expanse during the mission come confront and stop the Xindi threat, Captain Jonathan Archer was whisked away — 400 years right into his future — come witness the looming risk of the interdimensional sphere Builders…. Native a viewport aboard the gargantuan Universe-class USS Enterprise-J!

Agent Daniels (Matt Winston) aboard the Enterprise-J. (“Azati Prime”)

Shown to the NX-01 captain through temporal agent Daniels, this “distant relative” the Archer’s very own ship — approximated to measure about two mile in size by Doug Drexler, the designer the the digital version seen in “Azati Prime” — the futuristic Federation vessel was only seen from the inside, during an alternating future wherein Starfleet forces took on the Sphere builders during the fight of Procyon V.

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A digital render the the Enterprise-J in flight.

While the delivery itself was never seen from the exterior check out in “Azati Prime” — plan visual results work for such a shot had actually to be scrapped for budgetary factors — the ship has made its means into digital gaming in Star Trek Online and has been component of various Ships the the Line publications over the critical fifteen years since the episode first aired.

A smaller sized subscription-sized variation of the Enterprise-J to be released in 2017, but this year brings a bigger version that the Universe-class ship to the Official Starships Collection, together a 8.5-inch sized ‘XL’ version of the futuristic starship join the Hero Collector fleet.

If a starship model can be both skinny and also fat in ~ the very same time, this is the one to execute it: the Enterprise-J ship is proper an customs tall from basic to the optimal of its spindly warp nacelles, however the heavy, all-metal saucer section measures seven inch in diameter, offering the delivery an oddly broad appearance in spite of its thinness.

Designed to push the envelope on the classic Federation starship aspects — a ring saucer and a pair that nacelles — to evoke the additional leap front in modern technology for the 26th century setting, envisioned v the ability to “fold space” in a propulsion far past the classic warp drive method of travel.

The nacelles top top this version are come to virtually dental-floss-thin points in ~ their rear tips, with incredibly fragile link points come the body of the ship; just pulling the model from it’s packaging virtually resulted in one of the slim tines snapping off. It’s certainly a design that may generally face repair if not treated gently.

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While mainly a brushed silver, the Enterprise-J model does feature some splashes that color, with bright orange Bussard collectors, slim translucent blue warp engines, a ring bauble the blue on the aft section, and an orange-and-purple-painted deflector area — along with yellow and also black home window strips bordering the perimeters of both dorsal and also ventral sides of the saucer.