The sink of the kings is just one of the most iconic regions in Egypt. And they botched it. They put in only 5 tombs? There room over 60 the them! I'm not saying they need to put all the tombs in, just that they might have put in some much more of them, since they have less 보다 10 percent that the valley stood for in the game. The valley is massive and they made the look prefer some small necropolis. No to point out that the tombs they did have weren't also accurate to the ones in real life. Significant major disappointment. I was looking front to trying out these tombs and it was simply so cursed underwhelming.

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"Botched" it? ns respectfully disagree, dude. If you had expectations that us would be able to access much more than 50 tombs, can you see how that would certainly not occupational in-game? Seems favor it'd become a chore after a while, particularly if lock included afterlife gates in each one (which I'm yes, really enjoying). Ns think anyone is hungry for much more content but it sounds favor you collection yourself as much as be disappointed.

Maybe I must go reword what i said since that's no what ns mean. What I expected is that there room that countless in the real world, yet they only made decision to carry out 5, that are historically inaccurate. They can have put s few more in is what I'm trying come say. And I love the afterlife they space soooooo cool. However I simply feel choose they missed a an excellent opportunity to check out something nobody has ever touched prior to that's why ns say they botched it. The DLC over every was great. I'm simply underwhelmed that the region named the valley of the kings, had actually hardly any kind of tombs in claimed valley

Wow, a game made concessions for a an ext concise gaming experience. I understand you desire there to be 60 tombs and also to less degree "accurate" depictions of the tombs, yet come one this complaint is simply silly.

To call it botched is likewise just flat out unreasonable considering the DLC because that $20 is substantial with a huge land area come explore, consisting of the after-life areas. Brand-new story, new areas, new Missions, brand-new Weapons, brand-new Outfits, and new enemies come fight. Come one now, there room far better issues to be upset about than girlfriend perception the what "should have actually been included" in a ... DLC.

Downvote if you like, but we all know this is the truth. Because that the content noted in a $20 growth it to be all fairly substantial.

This game is phenomenal and also a ton that what you claimed is correct, but OP is permitted to it is in disappointed in other he/she to be looking front to experimenting just the same.

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You're misinterpreting what i said. They to be lazy. I'm not saying I desire all the tombs, but that they can have, and should have included an ext especially since on the atlas the region is dubbed the sink of the kings. I gain that it's a 20 disagreement DLC. Yet they can have thrown in favor 5 more. These tombs are really small, they wouldn't have taken that lot time to incorporate. Yet by no means am ns saying the DLC to be bad. Ns loved it. I'm simply dissapoimted over there weren't much more tombs

Valley has some clever design. As soon as we very first enter us can’t be certain how many tombs are there concealed behind rocks. Also I don’t think Bayek would like to sacrilege tombs of other queens when that doesn’t have actually a great reason to perform it. For this reason they could be there, we simply don’t check out them. Together for historical accuracy, considering it’s ancient Egypt we are talking about, it’s constantly a lengthy stretch. We merely don’t know how those tombs looked like, since they to be pretty much ransacked prior to Christ was even born. XIX-century “mummy fever” did the rest. Ramses II dig was damaged by pressures of nature (floods) and it was almost totally empty, the paints on the wall surface lost forever, mummy put in part cache along with other king remains. Currently tourist can not even get in his tomb. That’s why inner of virtually untouched Tut’s dig was for this reason important and also that’s why numerous necropolis interiors in the video game are based on pics taken when Howard Carter first enter the chamber. IMO they did an excellent job considering lock were functioning on the lost civilization.